Dienstag, 3. August 2010

Coffee card and book mark

Here she is, the first card with the new coffee stamps! Next time I will look for a little bit darker background and will even extend the "roughed look" a little bit more :)

And with some leftovers a bockmark. I like the combination of dark and light brown with some black and this kind of turqoise. Just have to find somebody who can laminate me this book mark so I can use it.

I made the coloured papers mostly with different papers and kinds of coffee. Just a few examples of them:

normal writing paper

paper from a small notepad, crushed until it was very softened and afterwards dyed in the coffe and dried with a flat iron... of course with some backing paper in between ^^

If you just press it up the paper you get this structures:

But of course you can get all the wrinkles out of the paper while it is still wet. Just like ironing fabric :)

Some semi transparent sandwich paper... 


...and more cardboard...


  1. Bei Dir könnt ich mich echt "festlesen" *ggg*. Total schön!

  2. Oh, danke! Ich glaube, das ist eines der schönsten Komplimente, die man erhalten kann! :)



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