Samstag, 6. Februar 2016

Earrings full of colour, rust and texture - "Full of life" and "Under the blue sky"

We all have all-times favorite bead artists and Kimberly Rogers (numinosity beads) is one of mine. The enameled copper (he numis-sticks) rom both earring pairs are made by her and I also have a little hoard of enameled pieces as well as glass beads from her ;)

The tinned glass beads from Sasha Crow are comparable new in my stash but they were just made for the numi-sticks. Both dark and rustic, with an organic surface and interesting textures.

I love how the beads dangling from the chain creates beautiful movement and even while the earrings are rustic and with patina, they are still also colourful. 

There is a little bit more texture at the top of the enameled pieces because they were too "naked" for me and while I create everything has to have a kind of balance. I used very thin steel wire, braided it (surprisingly easy!) and wrapped the braided wire around. It creates the required subtle but necessary accent. 

The "greenish" one ("Full of life") you can find in my shop here (the blueish/pink one "Under the blue sky" is sold).


  1. Antworten
    1. It really gives a great structure and is also great to work with since it has a lot of integrity and still looks fragile :)

  2. I'm so happy to see these. I was afraid I might be forgotten with all of my traipsing around the world and abandoning my studio. What you've done here totally works and it makes me proud to see how you've worked up the sticks. Thanks so much for the mention. It's getting me fired up to get back to work!



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