Donnerstag, 23. Februar 2012

A long time - a lot of stiches... and more...

Yes, it is too long ago that I blogged anything. My time is quite dedicated at the moment as are my nerves ^^ I am learning and preparing to defend my thesis (oh yes, more nerves than anything else!), working, trying to get some sleep and somehow stumbled into a relationship. The free time I find I am using mostly to create / make stuff rather than writing and blogging about this. So yes, there are some things I can show you... and hopefully will over the next days. 

Also (this is the sniffing little child inside of me) it seems that I catch every pathogen available! Just yesterday a night without sleep and without the content of my stomach but with a lot of shivering and pain. Bah. Next time please without me!  

One of the things I made was some stitching and sewing resulting into a pillow. I just saw some pictures about traditional indian stitching (don't ask me where, I lost the site... sorry...) and I just loved the structures which were created! 

I just took my embroidery threads randomly and stitched line for line... Yes, I could have marked the lines or ironed them... but I love nothing more than the dynamic created through the process stitching non-perfect. There is an organic feeling to it (you should touch the surface! can't stop touching it!)...

...and while the lines are uneven...

...the stitches are all in different sizes...

There is a whole picture in the end.

Oh.... I would love to have a whole quilt like that...

...but one should stay honest to oneself: Not with my lack of patience! ^^

I choose cream rather than white as background because I didn't want a too sharp contrast, rather something like a harmony with all the random colours :)

Strange as it is, I would never have thought that I would start to love stitching that much. But there is something inside of it that speaks to me: To create structures and surfaces! I don't believe I'll ever be into more traditional stitching but the possibilities with stitching are just so alluring! With patchwork, with fabric paints, with stitches... no end to go into all directions.

And now: Just catching some food, cooking, sleeping. Just too tired at the moment :)

Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2012


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