Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2010

Good night project - envelope with tentacles...!

Now and then I have just an idea what I want to create. Like thinking of envelope lately. I just searched for some old maps in the internet, printed them out (DinA4). A little cutting for adjusting the size... folding it... put some water paint on it...

(the old ones we all had in school with every colour going to some shade of brown because they were all messed up with each other...)

..that would have been enough. But never suspecting it (yes.. I am a bad liar... ^^)... somehow it won't look finished without a tentacle. It is just like thinking .oO(Oh, that's nice. But it would be a lot nicer with a tentacle on it!). Belief me, this though is really occuring with nearly everything. Paintings, sculptures, clothing, furniture, stamps... envelopes...

At least it is easy and a fast project for a good night! ;)

The tentacle on the front is made out of these colour cards you get at the hardware store as examples for wall paints and stuff like that.

Yes, I love to use colours in my flat... but I also love to use these cards for handicraft ;)

...pscht! Don't tell anybody!

Dienstag, 23. Februar 2010

Rubber stamp - Tentacle

This works really fast and is surprisingly easy. Like the hairpiece something for a good night ^^

Just take some normal rubber, paint the desired shape on it, cut it out, stamp!

(and hopefully your stamp-pad is not dried out like mine... just to add water seems not to be the best idea...)

The first try: Tentacle! But I don't think this is a surprise for anybody...

Sonntag, 21. Februar 2010

A fast good night hair piece...

...really something fast and easy! I used some leftover organza stuff (or something like that.. who knows..).

(cut several squares of the same size, fit the edges to a circle, cut the organza to something remembering a flower, shuffle the different layers of organza, sew it together, put a bead in the middle, tighten the fabric around the bead with some stichtes, secure it on a hairpin or wherever you want)

Samstag, 20. Februar 2010

Stuff testing on a fabric bag

Just for testing and playing a little bit.

The cat pattern is not mine. I got some pictures files from a friend but she couldn't really say where she found them. Just something like... in the internet...? So I am sorry I can't tell where it is from :(

I like the pattern with the black fabric paint on it. Thinking about using it as a card or something...

Or to get this effect on the fabric, not on the pattern ^^

The question whether to mount the stamps (foamed rubber ones...) direct on wood or with a plastic foil in between got an answer: Direct. With the foil I lost the tiny claw tracks.. *sniff*

Donnerstag, 18. Februar 2010

Octopus T-shirt - paper pattern

This was a birthday present. I am not exactly sure which devil went in me but I wanted an octopus made with a paper pattern. Okay, I still want one for myself but I don't think I am doing one of this anytime again soon. No.

This paper pattern could only be used once because with the paint and the really thin conections it broke just after adding the paint. Grrrr....

And cutting all the little suckers on the tentacles made no fun. Not at all... especially for a one-time-only pattern.

Here the pattern: It was design that the main object is on the back and the tentacles will go around both sides of the T-shirt. You can se the bend on the patchwork paper(s) on both sides.

Here the result with true colour (but not sharp... *sniff* but I run out of patience...)

And some flaslight added ^^ No true colour anymore but at least a little bit sharper outlines.

Octopus... Tentacles... all you need ;)

Crow pattern - T-shirt

To use the paper pattern on a T-shirt is quite different compared to the fabrics I tested. The fabric of the T-shirt is really thin and it absorbs the paint really fast! One has to be a lot more careful otherwise the details will smear in each other.

The small spots where a little bit red fabric showed through the black colour I just painted ober using a brush. Now just let it air dry and tomorrow I will iron it for fixation of the colour.

This time I fixed the pattern a little bit with adhesive tape. It won't stuck very strong but enough to be a little help to be sure everything stays in place and it's easy to remove while the paint is still wet.

Under the paper you can see the outline of the cardboard inside the T-shirt.

With a little bit more light: But so one can see the details. The outline is really sharp with this method! Only the right claw is a little bit smeared... but I hope nobody will notice without myself telling it ;)

But this picture gives a more real image of the colour of the T-shirt. A dark red...!

Just more pictures of the same image... but I couldn't decide ^^

Stamps - mounted!

I got really great pieces of wood to mount my stamps made out of foamed rubber. The bigger ones got knobs to handle them while stamping! And all of them were sanded so smoothly that you could create a vacuum on a plain surface!

I tried several methods for mounting the stamps like to glue them directly on the wood or with some plastic foil in between. Just to try what would work better...

In one case I glued the stamp on the wrong side.. *sniff* Just realised it viewing the pictures. Tomorrow I will fix it but not tonight anymore... really to late. Again.

You see the rest of the blue colour I used for testing? Although I washed the stamp some paint remains. But doesn't seem to rub of if used with a differend colour (tested it with some leftovers of the foamed rubber)...

I marked the direction (oben = this side up / rechts = right / links = left / Breite = width).

There are a lot more of them!

I really love them!

Donnerstag, 11. Februar 2010

Owl pattern of fabric

Wrong time doing stuff like this... really wrong time... one should be asleep.

But sometimes that's not quite possible, to much going around in the head. So if not the time for sleeping than at least for working a little bit on ufos...

Here are the owls on fabric :)

I used some really cremy, sticky fabric paint in black. It's great because it won't flow into the fabric, it just stays at the point you are painting. It's fiaxble, washable, etc... but... and this spoils the fun more than a little bit: it's expensive. Everything you buy in a craft store in germany is just... so expensive.. yuck! The same with fabrics, it's cheaper to buy finished cloths than the basic fabrics. *sniff*

Okay, the sniffing is maybe another side effect of getting no sleep. Enough... here are my owl fabrics with the used pattern, first round, black on somewhat off-white linen (this fabric is a leftover of another project).

Going to be a "Mitbringsel" (means a little-bring-along-gift) for brunch on sunday. :)

And here my tools: fabric paint, some platic lid, a little piece of a dish sponge... :)

Dienstag, 9. Februar 2010

Paper cuts - owl pattern

Some more pattern, this time a run of owls... They are not so nice like the crows. Their headform is a little bit more difficult or sometimes "blurs" the shape. Netherless, seeing them all together I still like them!

Time to get all the stuff on fabric!

.oO(...finally... sometime... anytime... grmphs...)


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