Donnerstag, 11. Februar 2010

Owl pattern of fabric

Wrong time doing stuff like this... really wrong time... one should be asleep.

But sometimes that's not quite possible, to much going around in the head. So if not the time for sleeping than at least for working a little bit on ufos...

Here are the owls on fabric :)

I used some really cremy, sticky fabric paint in black. It's great because it won't flow into the fabric, it just stays at the point you are painting. It's fiaxble, washable, etc... but... and this spoils the fun more than a little bit: it's expensive. Everything you buy in a craft store in germany is just... so expensive.. yuck! The same with fabrics, it's cheaper to buy finished cloths than the basic fabrics. *sniff*

Okay, the sniffing is maybe another side effect of getting no sleep. Enough... here are my owl fabrics with the used pattern, first round, black on somewhat off-white linen (this fabric is a leftover of another project).

Going to be a "Mitbringsel" (means a little-bring-along-gift) for brunch on sunday. :)

And here my tools: fabric paint, some platic lid, a little piece of a dish sponge... :)

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