Freitag, 14. August 2015

Wings to fly...

My last wings for some time due to different reasons. First and foremost: I used my last material. I still have some butterflies to finish but nothing to create new ones. Second: Rumpel and I will finally go to have some holiday!

Third: They look so small but actually they are a lot of work to make, a lot of steps to do.

These ones I made because I was asked very nicely (and she already had some of my wings :)). Also she had a lot of patience! She waited several weeks for me to finish them!

Still, seeing them before me, I have to say, I just love them! 

This time I went for a deeper etching and I changed again back to only a black patina. This creates a harder contrast (especially with the brass ones). I can't tell what kind I prefer, the more greenish imperfect organic look or this clean stark contrast. Maybe this will always depend about how I would use them :)

They will be on their way later today and I will see whether I may get some new material when I am back from holiday and also whether I may find some more motivation to make them. I need to change what I am doing quite often, otherwise I get bored ^^

Montag, 10. August 2015

On my worktable... (right now)

Summer is full of colours... just have to add ear wires to them all!

A tiny wee key I got from a friend to use in my work combined with some of my new ceramic beads...

More wings in copper and also brass this time... (I was asked soooo nicely, I couldn't say no... but now I run out of wing material... but will also have some new brass butterflies)

Embroidery yarn is perfect for everything! Wrapping old metall bracelets...

Montag, 3. August 2015

"Age-old ocean" - Earrings

I really thought I already showed these earrings on my blog a long time ago. Seems that I was wrong. Unbelievable if I think how much I love them! ;)

They are actually quite simple: Some of my own polymer clay beads combined with some numi-sticks made by Kimberly Rogers and oxidized copper wire...

...but their look isn't simple. They look old and crusty, fossils dug out from deep inside the earth, remembrances of oceans long gone...doesn't the enamel on the numi-sticks look like sea-shells and barnacles?

I am sorry that it took me so long to show them finally... because they have a beautiful story to tell :)

Yes, they are also in my shop finally! Here.


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