Sonntag, 13. September 2015

Back from the island.... Impression from Formentera (Spain)

First things first: I want to go back to Formentera right now! ;)

I am still bot really back in my rhythm so I thought I would show you some impressions. Lizards are little living jewels...

Our house is more home to me than any other place and just look at the colours and the light!

Really, really rare for summertime: Heavy rain! Some years it doesn't rain at all and now this!

The cala saona early in the morning after the rain. Red, blue and green... clear and strong colours.

I always pack a lot of stuff. Sometimes I also do a lot, sometimes not. This time.... not... but I made these for Rumpel. Hippie style, a little bit boho... looks good on men!

...and some other bracelets...

...still without clasps...

More later. But just you know, I am back :)


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