Sonntag, 23. Mai 2010

Bath bombs!

Yes, something new. Again ^^ After falling in love with soap making I just stumpled over recipes for bath bombs... and how could I resist?

I made three versions from one basic batch:

  • with rose petals and oil and red colour
  • with orange petals and vanille and yellow colour
  • with cornflower petals and birch tree scent and blue colour
I tried to use the scent only in small amounts so it wouldn't be too overwhelming for a sensible nose ^^

During drying...

...and packed...

Packed "just cream" soap... first wrapped in a kind of sandwich paper which is kind of greaseproof. I like the texture of this kind of paper and what although it gives a good protection the air will go through. Around this layer came two kinds of banderoles: a white one out of structured kozo paper and a coloured one out of decopatch paper.

Just the labels added... the name on the front side and some more informational stuff at the back...

Mittwoch, 19. Mai 2010


...the newest sewn octopus pillow. Again, how could it be different, a gift for a friend (yes... you are old now! ^^).

Coffee and honey...

...with olive oil or just cream inlays (the little balls ^^)...

Also made from soap leftovers, melted in the oven (with some milk and water added) for... to many hours... in the upper part I added some real dark mocca... and the other one got some melted honey...

It took a while to harden because of all the extra fluids... but not too long.

I love the effect!

Pure olive soap with a carved tentacle...

Nothing more to add I think ^^

There was some soda ash on the top of this olive oil soap and so I used it to get some colour effects afters carving the soap...

I think I didn't mind soda ash... or even more, sometimes it will be useful...


...with food colours... made out of some leftovers of soap, melted in the oven...

I just wanted to see the effect. Some people like it... for me... mh... a little bit too much bright colours ^^

Poppy seed and co...

...with inlays of pur cream :)

Colour = curcuma

It is an olive cream experiment...

...with olive oil... coconut oil, castor oil, jojoba "oil" and cream (frozen so it wouldn't get to hot with NaOH)...

...and poppy seeds for a scrubbing effect (maybe next time a looooooooooot more of them!)

Montag, 10. Mai 2010

Coffee and cream!

I made some soap balls from the cream soap... to put them into my coffee soap! The coffee is great to get smells away :)

(coconut oil, olive oil, rape oil, harden vegetable pil, caster oil, 5-6 % superfat, coffee and coffee powder... and cream soap balls ^^)

Just cream!

Hach... with cream! And... for the the foam with coconut oil and caster oil! (and rape oil, harden vegetable oil, 5-6 % superfat and extra adding of grape seed oil).

I love the light colour!

Yes, I already tried a little bit to wash with the creamy one... ^^ and the foam was heavenly! I can't wait to use this one!

Pure olive - castille soap

100 % olive oil.

The smoothest soap possible...!

...with at least six months of saponofication... sighs... but... I want one!

But one only has to start... in six months I will have a lot of soap useable... ^^

Tentacle soap

My first soap ever (the stamp is my tentacle stamp made out of rubber.. not the best choice for soap ^^ but i had to try!)...

It was a very yellow rape oil, therefore the strange colour ^^

The light pink was created with a dark red (!) soap colour... which is not useable for cold process soap making... sighs... just for the ready made stuff! Bah!

(coconut oil, rape oil, olive oil, 5-6 % superfat)

Sonntag, 9. Mai 2010

Making soap - cold process / natural soap

I didn't write something new in my blog for some time. At least there was no mention of something I made by myself. There was the problem of time with my new addiction. If you are making soap by cold process the action of getting your oils to saponification is really fast but afterwards you have to wait... and wait... and wait... The soap has to harden and the saponification itself needs several weeks (sometimes months)... sighs...

But although I still have to wait at least four weeks for my first soap to be usable, I am not stooping making more and more new ones ^^

(and to be honest... I already tried the foam formation of some of the soaps ^^)

Also I am collecting more oils and fats (all vegetable ones) and wax... ideas and things to put into the soap.. as well as containers and boxes and forms for the shape...

At first I was only working with a small variation to get used to the process itself. Still I am not using colours or perfume for the soap. I am not sure whether I should because I like the soap to be usable by everone even with very sensitive skin.

Donnerstag, 6. Mai 2010

No. 4 - small evil orange one!

You never think at something special... just a little bit being in the town, looking for some decoration stuff for the prime of the year ball... and there he is! Looking at you! Going instantly in you head: Take me with you!

And here he is: My number four, small and pillowy, cute and evil, in bright and perfect orange!


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