Montag, 25. August 2014

"Stone and Glas" - Earrings

I already showed these from our "crafting" day... but here with some more details because I really love this style! The rough lava beads, the beautiful smooth ceramic beads and the playful pressed glass beads (I love their irregular shape full of imperfections!). They are quite simple but they have so much movement. 

I already used the grey beads for another bead/earring combination here. 

Sonntag, 24. August 2014

"Watergreen" - Earrings

I realize that I often stick to shapes and forms that I already have used and loved. But by doing so I know that I am also limiting myself... as well as getting closer to being bored. I need change from time to time, a new material, a new technique, a new challenge... I will come back to the things I really enjoyed (like working with polymer clay) but with break in between.

This also goes for earrings. So with this pair I tried an shape being somehow uncomfortable for me at first. If you have a good look: The upper czech glass beads (from Rebeccas "The Curious Bead Shop") and the lower green ones with the wire loop have both the same size / diameter. That may not sound like a big deal for you but I learned a lot about my own preferences and what I perceive as pleasing shapes. While every earring (or other type of jewelery I create) consists of single parts, I am at first not seeing the single parts but rather an overall shape. Mostly roundish and organic, changing the shape from bigger to small or vice versa. But not as even like this. This looks for me like a kind of square. It is after I decide for the kind of shape that I am looking for the right components to fit in in size and shape, as well as colour and texture.

A square. After finishing I was not sure whether I like them or not. I was not sure for a very long time (or rather every time I looked again at them in the last few weeks). I just decided now (to my own surprise) that indeed I like them. They are in the right shape and also balanced. The shape was just new for me. ^^

Samstag, 23. August 2014

"Whispers in the tree" - Necklace

If there is something I really should learn: Take pictures from necklaces... either showing only details or an overview where the details are lost, both not satisfying options. But still, here we go ;)

This is a mixture of czech glass beads, old pressed glass bead, not-at-all old metall findings with a rather really, really old mother-of-pearl-button, cotton cord, copper wire...

Some of the czech glass beads (the round ones) are from Rebeccas Curious Kit "Whispers". I also bought the other czech glass beads from her (here). She also showed on her blog a wee tutorial about creating the birds nest. Since she is selling these cute sprinkled egg-like looking beads, I had to make one on my own. I was already tempted to make one for a long time since last year this kind of nest/wrapped pendant was seen all over in a lot of variations (and also tutorials) but just these beads finally made me do it.

A little twig, a tiny wee bird, combined with the nest and the beads. It is a rather delicate design for me but I like it. The button is also the clasp. It even hangs good while worn. Yes.... that can be a problem with a design like this where both sides of the twig have to be balanced and since all the components are so small and lightweight, I was worried whether I was able to get it right. I added the chain to the bird for this.

Sonntag, 10. August 2014

Crafting session - All the beads...!

About a week ago we had another crafting session (another one sounds good since I didn't even show you the results from the one before ^^). This time it was using all the beads to create some jewelery. The session before we made beads with polymer clay. The group was mixed with beginners to people like me creating stuff for quite a while now. Two of us brought their stash and stuff with them (a friend of mine, the one with all the beaded jewelery, brought so man findings, swaroswkis, seed beads, stones with her... and I brought my polymer clay beads, czech glass beads and other kinds of glass and metal beads...).

I really love the earrings above! (made by my friend who also brought her stash ^^) Long and dangling with a vintage vibe...

The necklace was called "Fundstücke". The person creating it wire wrapped beads for the first time. She did really well... and complained also a lot about it ;)

Can you count all my polymer clay beads used?

I also really like how she used the chain to attach the little polymer clay ammonites.

@Michelle: Do you recognize the beads? The same person creating the necklace above also made these earrings and the bracelet with grey cotton thread. Yellow still is a difficult colour for me, so I was surprised how well it went with the grey thread!

...and more ammonite earrings :)

Made by the same person like the first earrings shown (you see a clear colour scheme? ^^)

...and the following four earring pairs are made by me. The first two also with some of my polymer clay beads...

...and no, I still have a big stash of beads...

I already used this style for earrings in the past and it also won't be the last time :)

All of the next pieces are also made from one person, her first jewelery made by herself...

...and yes, we spread the addiction!

The backside of the pendant (again polymer clay).

I made these magenta beads already a long time ago and I am happy that they finally found a home!

Magenta/pink with purple and silver, always a perfect colour combination.

Have a closer look at the way she made the knotted necklace, something I have to remember for myself.

This was an experimental bead I also made a long time ago. I loved it but... it was not me. So it made me smile that it was used now!

I always enjoy getting together with friends to create "stuff" (polymer clay, sewing, jewelery... whatever!). I also enjoy teaching as well as learning... sadly it is always really difficult to find a fitting date. *sighs*

Samstag, 9. August 2014

Etching brass!

I finally did it. I bought some ferric chloride (FeCl3) and some brass sheet. I would have prefered copper but that was not available. Also I got a small metal scissor. Great for small details but not to work with a big sheet. Still, I got some test pieces out of it. My favorite is the little bee! I also etched the backside (the brass was thick enough). Since I am working in a S2-laboratory normally I always take care of the safety - from the gloves and goggles to the neutralisation of the solution and the information where I can safely deposit my waste (the ferric chloride as well as the copper inside the solution after the etching). 

The bird was a combination of a stamp with Staz-On and because not all areas were nicely covered I also took a red edding to enhance the image.

Some test pieces using different kind of markers as well as Staz-On stamping pad. The red colours (edding or sharpie) really seem to be better than the black ones. Maybe I also just had them too long inside the etching solution because also the Staz-On started to go off. The liver of sulphur is not working well on the protected brass regions but very well on the etched regions. There you also get a reddish coloured surface (I think the copper) and the liver of sulphur works great!

I also used the blue and green patina from Christi Friesen (Swellegant) on the brass after I used the liver of sulphur. It was difficult to catch the shades of blue and green but I really love the effect!

And in my hand so you get a better idea about the size :)

So many possibilities! Okay... the sanding and sanding and sanding... that is a part I hate. But still the end results make it worth!


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