Sonntag, 24. August 2014

"Watergreen" - Earrings

I realize that I often stick to shapes and forms that I already have used and loved. But by doing so I know that I am also limiting myself... as well as getting closer to being bored. I need change from time to time, a new material, a new technique, a new challenge... I will come back to the things I really enjoyed (like working with polymer clay) but with break in between.

This also goes for earrings. So with this pair I tried an shape being somehow uncomfortable for me at first. If you have a good look: The upper czech glass beads (from Rebeccas "The Curious Bead Shop") and the lower green ones with the wire loop have both the same size / diameter. That may not sound like a big deal for you but I learned a lot about my own preferences and what I perceive as pleasing shapes. While every earring (or other type of jewelery I create) consists of single parts, I am at first not seeing the single parts but rather an overall shape. Mostly roundish and organic, changing the shape from bigger to small or vice versa. But not as even like this. This looks for me like a kind of square. It is after I decide for the kind of shape that I am looking for the right components to fit in in size and shape, as well as colour and texture.

A square. After finishing I was not sure whether I like them or not. I was not sure for a very long time (or rather every time I looked again at them in the last few weeks). I just decided now (to my own surprise) that indeed I like them. They are in the right shape and also balanced. The shape was just new for me. ^^

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  1. I think while there is symmetry in the bead shapes, the ?texture of the beads is so different, so the bottom bead seems stronger somehow, compared to the upper translucent blue. Yes, they are likable little earrings



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