Samstag, 19. Februar 2011

Just for the mobile...

...a bag.

You remember my friend with the affection for the colour pink and which get every year (since foru or five years) an advent calender from me, filled only with pink stuff?

We went shopping (like girls do from time to time) and we found her a new handbag. She had a lot of vouchers so it wouldn't cost to much in the end. She really was into the bag... her thought that she already would have enough bags could be "erased" (No, I don't know how she ever got THAT idea?!) ^^

Still there remained one problem: There was no pocket for her mobile inside! I totally understand this problem! I mean I even need a latch for my keys in my bags! Otherwise it would take me hours to search for them and the same goes with a mobile. So I made her an attachable mobile bag :)

And yes, there are a lot of things in my bag. And trust me, I need them!

.oO(Or save others with this stuff... happens all the time... the magic of handbags is to have everything inside... somewhere... really!)

Dienstag, 15. Februar 2011

Pictures with text... the crow again

I confess I like pictures with text inside. And if you are using some stencils they are really more than easy to make. This one is a version of my crow stencil.

Just use a picture editing programm like gimp (which is freeware) or photoshop (which is not ^^) or any other programm where you can make layers on the background picture.

Just open the stencil in the programm, make a new layer and create a textbox in the new layer. Write anything you want in the textbook and make sure that the colour of the text is the same as the background. That's all. Save. :) 

Little stamps (and a sorry ^^) again!

There it is again: I am sorry for being so quiet in my blog! I am writing this a little bit often in the last few weeks but I think every one knows the time where life and all the stuff is a little bit too much. But hopefully not for too long anymore :)

In the meantime: Some more little stamps. Or better... a little "carving" tutorial. Mostly I use cheap erasers for carving my rubber stamps. They are cheap and everywhere available :)

(Did you count how often I used the word little? ^^)

To get perfect round circles I am using a tiny cookie cutter! It is just about 2 cm...

Just press it into the rubber. That's all!

There you go!

Or you can just press the cookie cutter down a little bit and carve around the metall with a sharp knife.

And now just carve some ornaments in the circle :)

Out of the leftovers I made two little mushrooms and a little letter...

And although I didn't have much time and nerves for creating stuff over the last few weeks, there was some progress which is just not finished. I cut a lot of fabric for pincushions or needle cases, Lachafa will be back in town next week and we will make some notebooks out of old book covers. Also there are some tentacles which just need a last touch...

So if you just have a little bit more patience with me: There will be a lot of cool stuff again :)


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