Samstag, 19. Februar 2011

Just for the mobile...

...a bag.

You remember my friend with the affection for the colour pink and which get every year (since foru or five years) an advent calender from me, filled only with pink stuff?

We went shopping (like girls do from time to time) and we found her a new handbag. She had a lot of vouchers so it wouldn't cost to much in the end. She really was into the bag... her thought that she already would have enough bags could be "erased" (No, I don't know how she ever got THAT idea?!) ^^

Still there remained one problem: There was no pocket for her mobile inside! I totally understand this problem! I mean I even need a latch for my keys in my bags! Otherwise it would take me hours to search for them and the same goes with a mobile. So I made her an attachable mobile bag :)

And yes, there are a lot of things in my bag. And trust me, I need them!

.oO(Or save others with this stuff... happens all the time... the magic of handbags is to have everything inside... somewhere... really!)


  1. Hi, Claire! This is a really cool design, so pretty and practical. The tiny button is a nice detail. Love it! And as I have mentioned before, your friends are very lucky, because you give the BEST gifts.

    Hey, come over and guess my new Mystery Thing, it's still open and no one has guessed it yet!

    Hope you are well - Mich

  2. I love the colors and the design. I love to clip things in place, too.

  3. Thanks :) And I need some little bags to clip for myself...! (But you know... to make something for oneself it the most difficult part... nai? ;) )



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