Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2019

"Birds of prey" - Art Element Theme Challenge

This month's theme was chosen by Cathy - "Birds of prey". I already knew it would be a stressful  month and I still struggled with my lung, but I took the chance to at least sketch, paint, and experiment with styles a little bit. 

I love how both of this sketches turned out although they are so diffeent in style! I will definitely play more with that. 

Also I try to incorporate more bold color contrast quite often. I am not drawn to realistic images but rather to expressionistic ones. Still, I have to work on both before I will get close to what I would love to express ;)

Not all turned out well... but I will show you all here!

And I don't enjoy repetitious work like feathers from wings. Nope.

I get messy with it and I don't like that... but at least I gave it a try and I know that I don't enjoy it. I don't want to spend too much time with that... but before you can get lose, you have to know how it is build up... and I don't want to!

But I so love the face of this one! You see the difference if I enjoy painting a part? I pay attention to the details, shadows and form... NOT true for wings. Ugh.

All of my coptic stitch sketch books really hold up wonderfully to a lot of "abuse".

Nature is sometimes just weird. But I love it!

I also mixed water color and goauche quite a lot. well water soluble pen and a water brush with diluted white gouache I made myself, it creates wonderful effects!

To the left whit gouache with a water soluble black pen and on the left only water colors.

I love her! With the pink eyes and the mix of details and lose colors! This is the direction I want to go to more.

By the way: The best water color sketch book I have used until now is really the handmade one with high quality water color paper. I use the back ides for mixed media and the right side only for water color. If you are struggling with water color sketch books, I really can recommend binding your own one. Saves a lot of nerves!

Thank you for joining us for this month's theme challenge and please have a look at everyone's creations! :)


Team Members: 

Claire (you are here)


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