Mittwoch, 29. August 2012

Mama Face Super Creme!

Or rather the original in german:

"Mama Gesicht Super Creme"

Rumpels mother had her birthday and we made a creme for her as a present. Why work in a laboratory and studied all these things for years if I won't be able to make some good creme? Or rather: add some really good stuff into creme ^^ 

And oh yes, there is good stuff! The creme is not only useable for the face but it was made for it regarding to all the anti-oxidation stuff... (and far more but nothing for me to write at this blog, if you want to know more just write me an email :))

But of course we needed a design for the creme and Rumpel made one of his persons / eyeball things! He also wrote down the ingredients but I am sorry... translated from german into english it would lose a litte bit of the humour or wordplay... :)

Dienstag, 28. August 2012

Just little blue ones... (earrings)

These earrings I made out of polymer clay (fimo) with my poppy seed mold. The structures from the mold are great with its organic and at the same time so nearly mechanical pattern. This time I used shades of blue combined with white acrylic colour on black polymer clay. 

And a tiny bit of sparcle of course ^^


Written letters, words, handwriting or printed, there lies a very special beauty. I don't know why script itself can be so fascinating but it is!

These old print letters I got as a gift! She found me by my dawanda stuff and ordered some buttons and also I made some commission work for her. But as a complete surprise she send me these letters for me! A collage with my name...! 

She also send me a lot of stuff so I could make some molds / texture stamps out of them. Shells, bronce heads, strange things... I already started (and have to go a little bit faster so she won't miss her collection too long!). But next to the collection there also were this number sorts! For old letter press...

They work really good with polymer clay (fimo)! I need more of them... so tempting to get a collection with different typefaces... 

I just have to experiment and play with all the stuff now (also to create something as a "thank you" for her :))

And I am creating stuff but it is getting dark to early again... I don't get to make any good pictures... :/

Donnerstag, 23. August 2012

Inspirations: On the streets (Grimma)

We (some friend took me ^^) paid Grimma a short visit. Especially because there is a great crafting store. Hey, you know me, I alway need more and new things to experiment with! It was a lovely crafting store with a small atrium where they had a café! Sorry, I forgot to take picture. But on our way to the car we came across this little house... with a candy shop! 

All the little sweets and candies on the wall ^^

Mittwoch, 22. August 2012

Like little tiles for your ear!

This dragon fly over script is one of my favorite images at the moment! I made it with gimp (freeware). I really like this program to create layers of images! 

Of course more of the gorgeous nepal horse images!

And a little frog over a dark textures background...

You see: I use old card board to store my earrings!

Also some little frogs over script... and some ship wrapping octopus ^^

If you want some of the images: You can find them at bibliodysee! There the original sources are all also linked, love it! :)

And now another one of my favorites:

The pattern... the colours... arn't they great?!

And they are all to be found at the Galerie Sued in Leipzig! 

(Of course you can mail me if you want some too and can't come to Leipzig ^^)

Dienstag, 21. August 2012

Write more letters!

Or wear some letters as earrings! :) More of my letter earrings which are made out of polymer clay (Fimo). 

And now some (at least for me and my ego! ^^) exiting news: You can buy my earrings now at the "Galerie sued" in Leipzig!

Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 84.


Montag - Freitag von 10.00 – 18.00 Uhr
Samstag von 10.00 – 14.00 Uhr
Und nach Vereinbarung

I was passing by one day and had a look at their beautiful "stuff" in their window. Going from fun jewelry to real gold smith work. And there was a tiny voice in the back of my head which told me to go into and ask whether I could show them my work. This voice is just an imaginary one but it belongs to lisbonlioness (have a look at her blog "Three bed semi" here!). I don't know how she sounds in real life but I know how she sounds in my head ^^ And you know what? After showing them some of my earrings they wanted to have them! We will try now for the next three months how it will turn out :) They have now different kinds of my earrings for comission: 

Beetle wings, casuarine, pine cones, little crochet ones and of course a lot of polymer clay ones! 

Including these letter earrings! :)

I'll show you more over the next days!

@lisbonlioness: Thanks a lot for your words!

By the way: The letter images can be found here:

...on top several layers of lacquer (Fimo accessoires gloss varnish)...

...they look like little tiles!

Montag, 20. August 2012

MIAU - The eyeball-cat

miau - meow - miao - miol

We start in the new week with another one of Rumpel's designs! This time an eyeball-cat. He makes all kind of creatures with one face / eyes just being one special kind of eyeball. Ar least I am calling it this way and I am asking him things like: "Can you draw me an eyeball-octopus? And an eyeball-cat? And an eyeball..."

He made me "a real pictogram" and "The LOOK" and now "MIAU the eyeball-cat"! Truth to be told: He also already made me one eyeball-octopus and is working on the second but still not satisfied with either of them so the tentacled stuff will have to wait a little bit longer. But I am sooo looking forward to the eyeball-octopus! ^^

Mittwoch, 15. August 2012


Here we go again!

After showing you a real pictogram made by Rumpel (here) he created now this LOOK! Don't think that any other describtion is suitable for this fish! ^^

Montag, 13. August 2012

Out of the ordinary!

Most of the jewelery I make goes to family or friends. Especially my little sister Lachafa gets a lot of earrings (sweetheart, there are a lot of new ones to test for you! :) ). But once in a while I make something which is just mine. This is not a rational decision but rather a feeling. Like with this necklace...

I call it out of the ordinary... 

...can you see why? 

It is just make out of matches! I glued them together and also added some paper stripes in the back for support.

After that I sanded the surface a little bit and went over it with a lot layers of acrylic paint until I had the desired effect! You see how it looks on the back with just one layer of paint?

To be honest: I made the three parts of the necklace already in december last year. It was not that I didn't want to continue this project. It was rather fear to break the parts! Just a short time before I had to defense my thesis I finally found the inner strenght to drill tiny holes in it! I used my dremel with a drill bit of only 0,8 mm. The size all my metal wire parts has! I also use this size if I want to drill into polymer clay (fimo) to glue some wire in it.

The wire was also glued with instant super glue (Pattex, clear drying). To finish it all up was quite easy after this breathtaking drilling process!

There it is: Mine! The first time I wore it was at the evening after defending my thesis :) 

Simple, cheap, but (at least for me it was and still is) breathtaking! ^^

Samstag, 11. August 2012

Nepal horse book - Earrings

Again some earrings I made with polymer clay. For the image transfer I use the polymer clay brand fimo. But just the fimo classic works really well, not fimo soft. It seems that with fimo soft the colours get more "sticky" and will smear on the clay even if there is still a lot of the paper left from the print. And also even more problematic: It doesn't keep or rather transfers the colours like classic! The image will be really faint or with too much paper left...

If you don't have other polymer clay at hand than fimo soft: Use it. But maybe not for the first time trying some image transfer because the chances are high that you will get disappointed. 

I like the rough edges of the images on the clay. They create the feeling of a little tile worn over time... 

I use quite a lot different resources for my images and this horses come from Bibliodysee. The original images are taken from a nepal horse book, which may be dated to the 18th century. More details over at  Bibliodysee  :)

Freitag, 10. August 2012

Look at me! Eyeballs made with polymer clay

I promised you for some time now to show you how to make these eyeballs. They are really easy and fast to make. And like with most crafting stuff: The more you make, the better they will be! I'll show you some of my first (and not so perfect) ones. ^^

You need:

Polymer clay - white (I use fimo)
Acrylic colours - colours you like 
Liquid, transparent polymer clay (I also use fimo liquid)

At first just make some balls, press them on a flat surface (something you can put on the oven) and then use something with a round surface to press on top! You don't need the little hole in the middle but it gives your eyeball a better 3D effect in the end!

Bake them after the instructions of the manufactor of the polymer clay you used. Now paint the first layer of colour inside the hole of the little polymer clay ball! Let it dry...

Now add some light and dark stripes starting from the middle to go outwards, a black dot in the middle and one or two tiny white dots on top (let the colour dry between every step).

After the last drying step I put a thick layer of fimo liquid in the hole to create the lense of the eyeball. Before baking it is somewhat milky...

...but becomes clear after baking... and adding several layers of shiny lacquer on top! You need the lacquer! Also your eyeballs will look a little bit wet like the real ones ^^

The eyeball on the left has to big black lines... but the eyeball on the right really looks good! You see the lense effect created by the hole filled with fimo liquid? 

(edit: I forgot to mention that the eye on the left side is without lacquer! So that you can see the difference it makes!)

And fell free to add some blood vessels... I used some for the eyes of my "Grummelchen" (my tiny handsewn monster, have a look here). 

By the way: I would love to see the eyeballs you create! :)

Donnerstag, 9. August 2012

Painted pictures and clay!

I started to create some beads for a art bead challenge but due to the date to defend my thesis and my holidays I never finished my entry in time. The plan was for a bracelet and it is nearly finished. I'll show it to you as soon as the last touches will be done. 

But one little and fast side project was this pair of earrings I made with two leftover beads! I used an image from picasso for the transfer. You recognize which one? :)

Mittwoch, 8. August 2012

More stitches...

Nothing finished, just some impressions: But when I went through my image folder on the computer, trying to sort them and planing the next blog entries, I just thought that I love the colourful stitches on the black cotton fabric so much... I had to show you even if the project is not finished...

And to be honest... it is not on the top of my to-do list at the moment. I run put of pillow stuffing and I only buy them at the Ikea store because otherwise I think it is way to expensive. But the store is not next to me... so it'll take some time...

Oh, I should have mentioned that this project is about another new pillow? You can't have ever enough pillows! No way! ^^

And a look at the back :)


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