Sonntag, 8. November 2009

Stole made out of textile fur

Another item made of fake fur. Although made with the intention to use it for roleplaying as soon as it gets very cold I use it daily! Warm and cuddly!

Plaid made of wolf (textile) fur

For roleplaying... :)

The fake fur is nearly as smooth as real one!

More tentacles... my birthday card

I just can't get enough to look at this birthday card! Friends made this for me knowing my everloving attitude towards octopus/tentacles. ;)

Roughly translated:

"Because you get older and older...
....we have.. with the help of exhaustive research...
...worked out a solution for you!"

"Conservation with alcohol!"

Earrings - small wings

Just something made out of some fimo leftovers mashed together (gold, green, black, some undefinable colour...) with little swarowski cristals in it. I like the form of the little wings. I use it quite often meanwhile. Above the little silver ball there are either feathers or leafs. Depending on the context and the colour they can be both.

Seahorse - the first one

Okay, here is the first one of my seahorses. It is around 4 cm high. In the back is a hole to get a string through it. Either to use it as a necklace or whatever else... I am still just playing and testing the camera. Yes, one could RTFM... But after a few pages the words are just nothing more than a mindless scribble so: read - try - read... try more...

The new camera!

I got a new camera! It was a birthday present from friends of mine. Thanks a lot to all of you! I had to sniff!

So there will be a lot of new pictures in the next time. But there is no real picture editing programm on the computer I am using at the moment (yes, I'll install one ;) ) so here just one first picture:

Grusel (the name is german and means something like "scary"): one of my three black cats


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