Donnerstag, 25. März 2010

More octo pattern....!

Using inkskape (first try... hum...) to vectorize an octopus (the one from the last pillow)... and making patterns out of it... just like cloning in the lab... they are getting more and more and more....!

Look at me!

One of my three black little (or to be honest for cats not very little ^^) devils!

This is Bisu. The one who just has to be everywhere where he thinks the action is! There are no closed doors, cabinets or trash cans which are safe of him! And even the meachnism of the toilett flush he managed to get worked... *sigh*

But I just can't be angry looking in these eyes! ^^

Octopus envelope

The next one, this time not a normal size but something about 13,5 x 13,5 cm... mh...

This is a printed copy of the digitalised image of my new octopus painting. Just in b/w with a higher contrast setting with a laser printer... (no special quality...)

I really like the result :)

Time to write!

I think in the future I will put some of the prints an fabric with spoonflower! Hach... That would be great to get my own design on fabric! So many ideas... (with so less time ^^)

Mittwoch, 24. März 2010

Small monster pattern!

After using the image created of my small tentacle rubber stamp I though the small monster (or whatever it is) would also be suitable for a paper pattern... ;)

So here it goes! The small monster pattern... soon going to be used for envelopes and other stuff :)

More tentacle stuff!

I took the image of the small tentacle rubber stamp (put on a higher contrast so there would be only b/w and not this shading to gray.. although I like it it would be to disturbing for the eye in a bigger pattern) and just use a smaller size and printed it with a laser printer...

Voilà, my new paper for gifts or for making envelopes or whatever... I think in every crafting paper collection there should be tentacle pattern papers! ^^

In the end it is nothing special but still I just love it! (and I am thinking about transfering it to fabric for a skirt or something... printing it in bigger sizes at a copy shop and transfering it to fabrics!)

Here some details...

Just printed on a DinA4 paper...

The front of my finished envelope. Just takes some minutes to make :)

And the back... i tried to get the pattern in a way that if the envelope is closed the pattern will "repair" itself ^^ As you can see it somehow worked (but far away from being perfect... but who wants perfection?)

Just the pattern I use to cut the envelope. Fixed with twoside adhesive tape... also there is some on the back lash so one can use the envelope instantly ^^

Dienstag, 23. März 2010

"Thing" rubber stamp...

Okay... it is too late, again. Or not too late.. it is quite simply in the middle of the night. But sleep and I, it seems we had a little disagreement with each other at the moment. So here my good night goody today (for a not so good night... ^^)
My last rubber... I just cut it into... a something. I like it... actually I think it is somehow cute!

Stamped on a normal envelope (although I think I will also use this for some gift tags :) )

It was just cut with a scalpel but I think I will buy some carving tools soon... better to get the details out of the rubber without the risc of cutting the small parts away...

Just another life sign...

I am still following my New Year's pledge... create more stuff and don't allow any banal and common excuses.. there are none!

But I don't like to post something which is not finished... I am not sure why, but somehow it seems not suitable for me. *shrugs*

Also there is some stuff which was finished but meant to be a gift and therefore can't be displayed here now :)

I have now a deviantart account (thanks to lachafa :) ) --> saraccino

My small avatar (which is now also on top of the blog) was made put of one picutre with my small tentacle rubber stamp :)

Samstag, 13. März 2010

Octopus pillow... (stencil one)

The next octopus pillow... this time I used freezer paper for the stencil / pattern. I don't know, how could I ever live without freezer paper? I simply love it! And thanks for fast and cheap shippings over the ocean ^^

Like every one... not for myself... although I also want to have one! Maybe with the freezer paper I'll craft some of these stuff for myself ^^

My working space... you see, it's just sticking great to the fabric after ironing... even the small details like the eye... hach...!

Sometimes it won't take much to be happy. Just some strange paper!

(fabric is washed and ironed before sewing, fabric is black cotton, I just made a pillow with a flap closure...)

Tentacles tags...

Some tags with the small tentacle stamp ^^

Freitag, 12. März 2010

Tentacle stamp - small one...

...yes, another one. Nothing new ^^

But my other good night project had to be cancelled because I couldn't (and I searched over two hours...!) find my silver edding. You know this situation? You are completly sure where you had left it. I mean, I was not even a little bit concerned about finding this pen. It was just used a few days ago for another project. But it was nowhere to be found *sniff* Having this idea in mind it was also a little bit difficult for me to change plans... good night projects have to be fast and easy... and I shouldn't have to use my mind anymore...

At least I found an old (and absolutely ugly) rubber. A colourful heart...

It changed into a tentacle stamp... this was the good night project for today ;)

(size: 3,3 x 2,2 cm)

I used some leftovers of red paper and cardboard. They will be used as small tags for gifts.

(...grumpf... there are some small spots I have to correct... I just see them now on the foto...)

Mittwoch, 10. März 2010

Bracelet out of an broken barrette

Okay, I had a barrette I really loved... but with long hair (and a lot of this ^^) most barrettes, even if they are only worn for decoration, won't last long. At least in my case...

I separeted the metall ornament from the the barrette base (actually the real barrette), smoothed some sharp edges with a file and then formend the shape to be suitable for a bracelet over the wrist. It is just thin metall, so with care this was no problem. I only feared some part would brake during the process!

Afterwards just sewing it with a few stitches on a satin ribbon, fixing the ends with eyelets and using a black leather cord to go through the eyelets (I only had some gold eyelets left... I am thinking about to darken them a little bit... brass or copper ones would have been more suitable for the metall ornament but there weren't any left)

Dienstag, 9. März 2010

I like this one...

...although I only quote a part of the original sentence ^^

"The whole difference between construction and creation is exactly this: that a thing constructed can only be loved after it is constructed; but a thing created is loved before it exists [...]”

(Charles Dickens)

Donnerstag, 4. März 2010

Pepper shaker - Jellyfish!

The good night stuff today:

The pepper shaker... to come along with the salt shaker ^^

This time no tentacles...!

Mh... okay.. that was not really accurate. I mean the little fluttering jellyfish "arms" could be assigned as a form of tentacles? But at least a different animal family...

Dienstag, 2. März 2010

Octopus painting - something for the wall...

The same like the last posting... just tired...

- acrylic paint, map printed on paper, octopus cut out of paper, concentrated coffee...

Maybe you can see a little bit of the texture in this picture...

And (My neighbours will hate me for this...! err... I used a hammer...) hanging on the wall!

Saltshaker - Tentacles...

A good night project again ^^

I am a little bit to tired to write much... so just some little things:

  • Saltshaker - porcelain
  • Acrylic paint - specially made for porcelain, glas, pottery
  • Theme - tentacles (no surprise for anybody I guess...)

  • Three days drying
  • thirty minutes baking at 150 °C

  • fill in salt
  • shake it

(No... I don't know how to add a slideshow into blogspot... :/ )


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