Mittwoch, 24. März 2010

More tentacle stuff!

I took the image of the small tentacle rubber stamp (put on a higher contrast so there would be only b/w and not this shading to gray.. although I like it it would be to disturbing for the eye in a bigger pattern) and just use a smaller size and printed it with a laser printer...

Voilà, my new paper for gifts or for making envelopes or whatever... I think in every crafting paper collection there should be tentacle pattern papers! ^^

In the end it is nothing special but still I just love it! (and I am thinking about transfering it to fabric for a skirt or something... printing it in bigger sizes at a copy shop and transfering it to fabrics!)

Here some details...

Just printed on a DinA4 paper...

The front of my finished envelope. Just takes some minutes to make :)

And the back... i tried to get the pattern in a way that if the envelope is closed the pattern will "repair" itself ^^ As you can see it somehow worked (but far away from being perfect... but who wants perfection?)

Just the pattern I use to cut the envelope. Fixed with twoside adhesive tape... also there is some on the back lash so one can use the envelope instantly ^^

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