Montag, 15. November 2010

All the flying cats! - new cards

The last few days there was something like a black hole inside of me where normally my creativity should be. You know this feeling? You want to do something... but... there is no inspiration in oneself anymore. Mh... I hate it! It is a little bit like standing beside myself, trying to reach it... but failing...

I know how I got to this point. The last few days I didn't take the time, even if it would be only five minutes, to make anything. This is not how my brain is working. To make a little bit everyday is what really brings more ideas out of me. They come out of their own without any effort. Never ever to stop is the important thing for me!

So... lesson learned. Again ;)

There are a lot of things going on around me, with family and friends and also with myself. And if I say a lot of things, you know, I don't mean the good ones. To create and make "stuff" is something which calms me and put my mind at ease. It is like taking a deep breath away from all the worries.

And here we are: With little flying cats!

(Yes, having three black not-so-little devils is also helping to calm down and smile. There are a lot of pics in my blog, you know how all the cat owners are a little bit crazy ^^ Just search for Bisu, Grusel or Dean in my blog to find them! :) )

The two black cats are from graphics fairy. In this blog certainly the most used cat picture! The white one is from an old magazine. Some ad I cut out but don't ask me which ad. I am collecting pictures all the time if I like them. 

The silver wings are cut out with a normal scissor of a can. It was an IRN-BRU can (I am addicted to this stuff, thanks that it is not allowed to be sold here in germany otherwise I would drink way too much of it!) and I wanted to use the images on it. But cutting though the metal I was surprised how thin it was and somehow got insprirated to form little wings out of it. Just paint a little wing freehand and cut it out.

Other used material:
cardboard, paint chips, white and silver laquer pen, old mascara (for the black effects!), silver, gold and brown artistic water colours, book page...

I am sorry that I didn't make any pictures of the progress. I forgot it...

Sonntag, 7. November 2010

All the dishes.... no end to tentacles and jellys!

I already posted a little teaster some while ago. Here now the finished stuff! Like most times, it was finished some time ago.

It is (was) the birthday present for my sister (who also now started studying and living in a flat share). It was no surprise because she already knew what I was making for her. Nevertheless she didn't see everything up until now ^^

Two cups with saucer (they are not small ones! ^^)... salt and pepper shaker... two big plates... two large bowls which also could be used as soup plates... a milk jug and a sugar jar (I just liked them don't really think she needs them ^^)...

All the dishes are safe for the dish washer (I hope the colour also in a long term ^^), for the oven and the microwave... and not to fragile... made out of hard porcellain...

By the way, did you know that the english fine bone porcellain is made with up to 50% bonemeal? This gives the smooth gloss and the transparency... I just stumbled on this on accident and although the name already suggest it, it really never occured to me that for example this fine bone porcellain cups from england are animal products. How strange...

And all of them full with tentacles or jelly fishes!

Samstag, 6. November 2010

Inspirations: Gargoyles (Peterskirche, Leipzig)

I just love gargoyles and other critters you can find on old as well as new gothic churches. This pictures are all taken from the Peterskirche (church of peter) in Leipzig.

I just fell in love with this building the first time I saw it. All the strange gargoyles, the astonishing critters and the beautiful statues combined with a really cool new gothic architecture!

The church itself is quite young (there was an old church of peter before this one), it is just celebrating it's 125th birthday. But still, it already has it's own kind of character ^^


Look at my teeths! (and the curls of fur ^^)

And the silhouettes are just like the statues itself... so cool and astonishing! All of them would make great stencils!

See the sweet little one at the food of the pillar of the statue! I love the tongue and the sad and at the same time crazy look in his eyes! 



Such beauties...!

On both sides of the church are this "small" doors with a statue flanked by two critters. I love how the carved the feathers out of the stone!

That were not all statues, gargoyles, critters they have there. But for some I would need a better objective becaue they are so high and for other it was just not the right light (as always ^^). But still I think you can get an idea of all this sweet little (or not so little) creatures I love!


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