Sonntag, 7. November 2010

All the dishes.... no end to tentacles and jellys!

I already posted a little teaster some while ago. Here now the finished stuff! Like most times, it was finished some time ago.

It is (was) the birthday present for my sister (who also now started studying and living in a flat share). It was no surprise because she already knew what I was making for her. Nevertheless she didn't see everything up until now ^^

Two cups with saucer (they are not small ones! ^^)... salt and pepper shaker... two big plates... two large bowls which also could be used as soup plates... a milk jug and a sugar jar (I just liked them don't really think she needs them ^^)...

All the dishes are safe for the dish washer (I hope the colour also in a long term ^^), for the oven and the microwave... and not to fragile... made out of hard porcellain...

By the way, did you know that the english fine bone porcellain is made with up to 50% bonemeal? This gives the smooth gloss and the transparency... I just stumbled on this on accident and although the name already suggest it, it really never occured to me that for example this fine bone porcellain cups from england are animal products. How strange...

And all of them full with tentacles or jelly fishes!


  1. very cool tentacle and jelly dishes claire! i like the way we never really see the octopus head... it's always hiding somewhere about to get us!!! :)

  2. Those are so cool and unique. I LOVE them!

  3. The first photo is amazing! I love the match-up of the tentacles. And I love the red-and-orange shading. The jellies are cute too! But I am in love with the tentacles as usual.

  4. Love it!! That is totally funky. What an awesome gift for your sister!! :-)

  5. WoW! You do amazing work!!! Thank you for linking up to Sew Woodsy!

  6. The coffee cup and saucer is my absolute favorite!!! I would love to have a set of these. Do you have a shop? If you do, I'll gladly promote it on my blog. Thanks for linking this up to Sunday Art Therapy at Seeds on a Breeze. This will be this week's feature!

  7. Dunno wether to post this in english or german... tentacles sound even more odd in german... aber ganz ehrlich, ich wuerde fuer so ein Set mit Tentakeln morden. Die Quallen... they bloody kill me! Und ich wusste tatsaechlich nicht, dass bone china actual bones enthaelt. (wobei mch nichts Englisches mehr erschuettern kann) Wenn Du noch keinen shop hast, waere ich dankbar, wenn Du vor meinem naechsten Geburtstag im Juli einen eroeffnen koenntest. Ich will Quallen. Which sounds decidedly more weird than I want jellyfish. Und Cthulhu rules.

  8. Thank you all :)

    I also want to own a set ^^ but somehow I am all the time just making things for others ;)

    @Jenn: Oh, how cool! Thanks! :)

    @Jenn and @lisbonlioness:

    No, sorry. I don't have a shop up until now. It is already planned and I hope to set it up until december but there are still some german law requirements open... *sniff*

  9. Most gorgeous work! <3 The design and the colouration are simply amazing. Really a super cool birthday present!



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