Freitag, 18. Januar 2013

Swallows, swirls and vintage paper

Some impressions of cards and wrappings, of tags and comissions I made before and especially because of christmas :)

Just pages of an old book, one of my hand carved swallow stamps, swirl stamps (I used them from viva  decor) and a stamping pad with silver ink...

...oh... and of course a scissor and glue ^^

Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2013

Advent calendar - 24th

The last day for the advent calendar. One of my strange plant things earring pairs! I really have to take a picture while they are worn! I was so stunned of the effect they create! There is such a huge difference between something just lying before you... or coming to live at another person!

They dangle, they move (the beads are on metal hairpins which can move free and easy inside the plant thing!)... really creating a nearly living effect :)

Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2013

Advent calendar - 23th

Of course, earrings again! Little earstuds! Made from polymer clay (Fimo classic), stamped with broken metall earring parts, coloured with black acrylic paint... and then I added a layer of liquid polymer clay! And... so it gets the clear / translucent effect: Lots of layers of shiny gloss!

I have made a lot these earrings / studs in the last weeks and months. But I forgot to take pictures... before I took them to the craft fairs I went to. A lot of them found somebody loving very soon! It feels special that people like the things you create so much that they are really paying for them! Still strange, always wonderful! :)

Dienstag, 15. Januar 2013

Advent calendar - 22th

Another pendant in this advent calendar. This is also made with real clay. I made a mold that I used quite often for polymer clay (Fimo classic) and tried also for real clay. With the translucent dark green glace it creates a beautiful effect!

And my sister told me that she wears it really often! She can't decide which necklaces / pendants she want to wear, she has several loved favorites... so she combines them! 

Montag, 14. Januar 2013

Advent calendar - 21th

Buttons? Buttons! Always buttons... here is another one! Made with polymer clay (Fimo classic), stamped and then coloured with a lot of layers of acrylic paints! 

Sonntag, 13. Januar 2013

Advent calendar - 20th

I had to include one of my fabric flowers. The last ones I made were all done with old jeans scraps. I really like to make these little flower hairpins. They are a great use for fabric leftovers (creating new things and use up the stash... to throw away fabric is... hard... even if there are just scraps leftover... so a win / win!) and so relaxing to create. Also a good project while traveling!

Samstag, 12. Januar 2013

Advent calendar - 19th

Most of the time I use french hooks for my earrings which dangle. Or I make earstuds! But then I had one of my earstuds / earring studs in my hand and thought why not drill a hole into the polymer clay part (all made of fimo classic) and use it as basis for a dangling earring?

Won't be my last one. And now it belongs to my sister ^^
(as it was inside her advent calendar)

Freitag, 11. Januar 2013

Advent calendar - 18th

Not made by me ^^ I found these little owl paper clips in a book store. They just made me smile and I already bought them several times for different people!

Donnerstag, 10. Januar 2013

Advent calendar - 17th

And I still have to show you the rest of the advent calendar for my sister Lachafa...

...and I also took (last minute, with bad light, the same for years now ^^) pictures of the things I put inside the pink advent calendar which a very good friend of me gets every year. I "just" have to go through the images and editing them ;)

This earrings I also showed once in my blog. But you know what? In the beginning I was not too sure about them. It changed with time. The longer I had them, seeing the regular and at the same time irregular structure and form grew on me. They have something organic (ad as you may already know if you have read my blog, I love organic stuff!). 

Dienstag, 8. Januar 2013

Strange plant stuff makes the best earrings!

At first (better late than never, nai?!): A happy new year!

My friend Rumpel and I moved together in a new flat. Of course we had do to this between (and during) christmas and new year (and the first days in january). I took two weeks off of work but there was no real free time ^^ We just have internet access again since today! 

Rumpel came with me to my family at the 24th (I am never able to remember how this is called in english. In germany we are celebrating at the 24th at the evening). I love my family but we are not easy. None of us. Not for ourselves and especially not for people coming into... but he hold himself great :) 

My three black cats (Bisu, Dean and Grusel) also moved in. Together with my last two surviving Geckos (Pinky and Squeasel). Brain died some weeks ago... and also last snake Nagalinchen... They were old so it was not surprising. I had them for about 10 to 12 years and when I got them they were already grown up. 

But after this recapitulation of the last weeks a completly change of topic: Earrings. 

I put some of these earrings in the advent calendar for my sister Lachafa. So you may already have seen them. The little immature acorn earrings, this long strange tubes (which are the most stunning worn on person! She put them on at christmas and the dangled beautiful and the form and movement was perfectly fitting for her! I was really surprised how much the look of earrings change just by seeing them on person!) and the geometric shapes...

I attached the glas beads on head pins in a way that they would dangle and move free and easy. The movement and the organic structure made them strangely living. 

I just found very few of the immature acorns. Or at least I found very few at the groud... the trees were to big to get the ones still hanging. For all the plant stuff I used my dremel to drill tiny holes in them. As long as you can drill a hole in something it is a possible bead for me!

Even if the glas beads are small they add sparkle!

...and no, I don't know from which kind of plant this came...

...and yes, I studied biology... ^^

...oh... last but not least: I will be in south corea for february and march! We have a cooperation there so this is an exchange of methods, tips and tricks and whatever else we can stuff in only two months. 


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