Sonntag, 22. Mai 2011

Horse silhouette / stencil...

I am sure you missed my stencils / silhouettes! (at least hoping so :) )

Here is a fast one again!

While still fighting against the chaos I found some prints of a vintage horse image
(of course from Karen @The graphics fairy :) ).

I had in mind to cut the horse silhouette out to get the black/white silhouette image and the horse itself at the same time (to use it in a collage later somehow).

I worked a little bit on the brightness and the contrast of the image (a foto of the cut out silhouette) with gimp.

All went into my folders. Ha! Sorted! ^^

Pop-up bird!

I am surrounded by chaos. There are two main sources (if you look one step down of the main source = me ^^): Crafting items and scientific paper stuff. Mh...

While I tried to get rid of a little bit of the chaos (forcing a lot of energy against the entropy)... I stumpled over this card. There was this though... I like the bird and the silhouette, but the background is... strange at best.

It is a free card like there are many ones in cafes and stores (you have them too?). 
This one is an edcard from   saxony about the wildlife in saxony....

I just cut out the bird with the tree...

...pressed a line in the cardboard...

Not even a five minute project... it only took a minute ^^

Added to my ever growing picture wall...*

*if you find a spider or a spiderweb, feel free to take it! ^^

Molds? More molds!

This is airdrying clay again, same brand. 

Just another colour ...

(although I get the impression there are some other differences too, 
the white one seems to be a little more stable...).

You can still see the leftover of the plants...

...a first try of a jelly fish with a little bit of a 3D effect...

...just press your natural findings in the clay...

...or make some strange tentacle like structures...


...spirals are always facinating...

Oh... and I catched a minute of sun shine! 

This is what the earrings (here and here) from the last molds can look like in the sun :)

Mittwoch, 18. Mai 2011

White - Find your polystyrene...!

So simple. 

So beautiful.

I love the shape, the colour, the shine. 

The material is flexible although it reached its glas point. 

They make a clear and high sound if the come together.

This posting is for Michelle (from Mich L. in LA) and Michele (from Michele made me).

Why? Because I tried to do two things for which they are famous! On one hand I tried to broaden my view and see in unusual stuff material to create jewelery.... and on the other hand I searched through my whole flat to find old polystyrol which I could recycle!

I think a lot of you know shrinking plastic? This is made out of polystyrene (in germany the plastic has either a sign with 6 or 06 or with the letters PS, "Polystyrol"). Polystyrene is a material you can find in a lot of packages or just normal things in your household like lunch boxes. 

I used old plastic cups for my jewelery. Polystyrene can be formed through heat and pressure (it is a thermoplastic material). The shrinking plastic you can buy for crafting (stamping, scrapbooking) was pressed and squeezed under some heat and a lot of force. The pressure was evenly distributed in all directions. After it cooled down it won't change the shape anymore. There you have the shrinking plastic page.

After applying heat again without pressure (in the oven or with your heat tool) the polystyrene will get back to its normal shape. And even more, it will go over its glas point / glas transition because you have to heat it up over 100 °C. The structure is then very hard and shiny.

The sad thing is that although polystyrene is very easy to recycle, most countries are not doing this because it is too cheap to make new one. In germany ps is collected and recycled... but also only as long as people know in which kind of trash can they should throw it ^^

I write this because on the other hand ps is not degradable on a natural way...

So let's get to some recycling methods for your own old polystyrol :)

I used the already mentioned plastic cup. The dragonfly was painted with a waterproof marker...

...I turned the making-of pictures to grey because against all the white shapes the colours looked some kind of odd to me. But the earring above are all shown by the original coloured pictures! 

It is easy to cut the plastic cup with a normal scissor...

I cut the desired shape (this one I used for all the spirals) and punched a little hole at the bigger end.

After heating it will shrink to a small shape... which after repeated heating can be shaped as desired. Beware, I always burn my finger tips a little bit. ;)

You see the shine?

Until now nobody guessed what it was at first sight (and question) :)

From A to Z - Letter earrings!

From one ear to the other... 

...from A to Z...
...all in your head! ^^

I bought this letters (made of chipboard or something like that, pressed wooden fibers). I had the idea they would make sweet little earrings. 

I just drilled a tiny hole into them (again, I ove my dremel :) ).

Some painting with acrylic paints...

...and it broke. *grrrr*

But I still loved the letters and the idea of letter earrings. Therefore I used the letters to create molds. 

In the molds I pressed either polymer clay (fimo) or other airdrying clay. Drying, sanding, painting...

...finished! (see the earrings above :) )

They could also be used as pendants for a necklace.


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