Donnerstag, 5. Mai 2011

More small stamps... one never comes alone!

Just some leftovers I played with. The little bug is around 1 cm long... so really my small leftovers ^^

There are some ideas in my mind which I want to realize for some prints / cards. On one hand I didn't found the time until now to realize them and on the other I was still missing some material... 

The reason for the ideas is simple: Centi send me one of her beautiful flower ornament cards... and I want to send her a card in return. You know... that is already some time ago but when something is in my head (with its teeths bitten deep into my neurons) there is no way for me around is.

@centi: I didn't forget your card, I am still trying to figure out how to realize my idea. Hope you don't mind?! *imagine big puppy eyes*


  1. Hee, these are so cute! Love the multi-mushroom! Are those long ones insect wings? You always create classic designs that are original - don't know how you do it!

  2. Awwwww, I just wanted to write something like "how cute, little mushrooms... and a tiny bug!"
    I never thought you would create anything especially for me!
    Don't worry and take any time you need - I'm sure I will just love that card!

  3. Gotta get myself some lino cutters, i want my own tiny bug! So cute

  4. The mushroom inspiration is all due to centi :)

    ...and the tiny bug... I somehow lost my other tiny bug stamp :/ Maybe I'll find him again... but how could I go on without a tiny bug stamp? No way!

    @lisbonlioness: Although I have all the different shaped blades for my lino cutter I am using only the smallest v-shape together with a sharp paper knife blade or scalpell :) This works best for me! All the outlines or bigger parts with the v-shape... and the small details with the paper knife.



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