Mittwoch, 4. Mai 2011

Inspirations: Little foxes (university medical center, Leipzig)

...or: Cuteness overload! At least for me... :)

Some wild foxes found there home at the area of the medical center of the university of leipzig last year. Next are also a lot of faculties and also the botanical garden and a park located. So there is much space, some green and at the evenings or weekends it is very quiet.

This year they had their first offspring! I can watch them for hours.... and humans are just moving objects to them ^^

Don't worry: The district ranger (didn't know there are district rangers for all areas in the city!) controlled them. They are healthy, nothing to worry for humans. Even more, because of this, it is not allowed to relocate them ^^


  1. I love foxes! I just wish there were more around my area. I've only sen one so far, and that was years ago :( Send me some over! Hey, did you take that video? Lucky girl!

  2. Yes, I also made some other videos.... but not so calm like this. My hands are still not calm enough for videos... I can find them nearly every evening because I know where to look and they are not afraid of humans. So cute to see them! The only problem is that at this times it is really going to be dark. One can still see quite well... but my digi can't catch fast pictures anymore... not to speak of videos!

    There is a russian fox line! A biologist breeded polar foces for about 50 years... he was and is doing research about behaviour, domestication of animals and how much lies in the genes... He breeded a tame fox! He was selecting for friendly, unafraid and tame individuals... Now the foxes have some more dog or cat like attitudes, like getting two times in the heat a year... getting other colours... the shape of the head changed a little bit to a more baby fox like appeareance... seems that the tame behaviour is going together with low adrenaline levels... and that with it the appeareance is connected (just as very very short summary).

    Despite all changes they still look like foxes and one can buy them from novosibirsk :) They are friendly to humans (even more friendly than a lot of working dog breeds because they were selected for other traits). They go well together with dogs and cats. If they are living together with cats they even learn to use a cat toilet ^^

    I want one! ^^

  3. Awesome! Is there a link to a publication of that biologist you've mentioned? Sounds like an interesting project.
    And these foxes are just too cute <3 Aw...

  4. Some links :)

  5. Kind thanks for the links :) So far I've read through all of them except for the one in ScienceDirect. It's a really fascinating project and I'm kind of shocked that it "only" took ten generations to get such significant effects.
    Plus, I think they decided on one of the cutest possible animals for this experiment :D They're so fast and fluffy!
    Too bad they're so expensive and only delivered to the States (though I'm not sure I'd want any animal to remain in a cage for 90 days, being shipped over half the globe...).

    I did that email thingie by the way, thanks. Hope it works...



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