Sonntag, 22. Mai 2011

Horse silhouette / stencil...

I am sure you missed my stencils / silhouettes! (at least hoping so :) )

Here is a fast one again!

While still fighting against the chaos I found some prints of a vintage horse image
(of course from Karen @The graphics fairy :) ).

I had in mind to cut the horse silhouette out to get the black/white silhouette image and the horse itself at the same time (to use it in a collage later somehow).

I worked a little bit on the brightness and the contrast of the image (a foto of the cut out silhouette) with gimp.

All went into my folders. Ha! Sorted! ^^

3 Kommentare:

  1. You are so good with tiny cuts and details - you know I can't cut straight, so I will just admire your beautiful work. I hope you make something soon with both parts of the horse, and show us!

  2. do not know this "gimp" but sine it's freeware, I will have to check it out this week! I also like your birds with text tutorial...thank you! coming over from the Yesterday on Tuesday linky party!

  3. Excellent silhouette Claire. I am loving all things horsie right now too. It's very timely your post.



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