Montag, 27. Juni 2011

Key ring notebooks...

I am sorry, I can't show you the other ones anymore. I sold them at my first market (and had no time to take pictures before. Finally sleep won the battle! ^^)

The sides are covered card boards. This one I made with a fabric I love... still have to try to make the edges a little bit better. 

From the side...

And beetles on both sides... this one is covered with paper...

...and all the books got several layers of laquer!

PS: I'll try to take better pictures at daylight. But somehow I only have time for this late at night... :(

Inspirations: Bird (Leipzig I)


I catched this little one with my digi. I also love all the spiderwebs next to the bricks. :)

Freitag, 24. Juni 2011

New little stamps...

I forgot to show you some of the stamps I carved! The blog entry was finished but I wanted to wait until they arrived their destination... and over this waiting time I never showed it... 

These stamps I made for "für große Mädchen". Translated into english: for big girls (big = grown up)

She wanted a stamp which said "handmade". But you know me as soon as I start carving stamps I am addicted and want to carve more! Also I wanted some more personal stamps for her...

So I searched through her blog and found a lot of her cute owls designs. I tried to get a silhouette which would remember her owls :)

You see: They are really tiny! I am measuring in cm, not inch!


...her blog name and also the sign for her craftings...

...combined with the owl...

Just for you: This was my design sketch for the owl! 

PS: How about some fabric with the tiny owl? I am collecting some digital designs to get them on fabric (but I want to order rather a bunch of fabrics than only single ones...). I already have my octopus and tentacles... the mushroom frrom the stamp... mh... still collecting!

PPS: There are some more blog entries like this waiting to be published... but only can be showed when they have arrived atz their destination ^^

Dienstag, 21. Juni 2011

Inspirations: Little foxes (university medical center, Leipzig II)

The little ones are nearly grown up now... and not at least frightened of humans. 

But why should they? They grew up and live in the middle of the university clinic leipzig, next to the medical and science faculties, with a lot buildings sites next to their home (yes, the live under the building in the image ^^) as well as a kindergarten.

I blinked at the little fox because as I came nearer and nearer (in the range of only 1 to 2 m next to him), he was a little bit unsure. But it is the same as with cats and dogs: You should crouch down so you won't look down at the animal... and blink with your eyes! It says that you are no danger, it is an appeasing gesture with a lot of predators. 

And he (she?) blinked back just like my cats! 



Freitag, 17. Juni 2011

Inspirations: Critter, mushroom, green (Berlin)

Say hello to this sweety :)

It was already a grey and rainy day...

...the perfect condition for mushrooms!

I hope you like them centi! I had to think of you seeing these :)

Suddenly the sky turned from grey to to nearly black... 

...but thankfully the storm waited for me... 

until I was back - safe inside ^^

Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2011

Bigger glas magnets...

With my crow...

...and of course again the little chameleon and snake skeleton from Karen (the graphics fairy)!

I am still experimenting how to get the snake with the best effect on fabric ^^

I displayed my magnets on an empty whisky package which is made out of metal. 

Okay, without glas nuggets some stars. But I also love them :)

The horse silhouette I also created from a graphic from Karen and the tree from a foto I made.

Some stamped airdrying clay... i didn't smoothe the edges... I wanted to see the effect it created.

Post it's with magnets on the back... like the ones of the advent calenders last year.

...and even some colour under glas ^^


This little pendant with a swallow was made with one of my molds and a stamp :)

Like my buttons I mounted it on a card for the market. I like to display my stuff like this :)

And a white version on the deer...

 The backside of the card shows my tentacle ^^

Dienstag, 14. Juni 2011

Inspirations: On the streets (Leipzig XI)

You remember the little boy? I found another version of him :)

My first market...!

The chaotic situation is due to the rain :) It was a constant change between sunshine and heavy rainfalls... and I had to get everything quite safe under the plastic cover fast again and again :)

There will be better fotos which were made with a real good camera (also from the whole market and all participants) but here a first impression from my little market stand at the craftraum.

I'll show you some of the stuff I made / mounted later... But next to the market on saturday the WGT was taking place (from thursday to monday) and as every year since 1996 I took part :) It is like a great meeting of friends from all over the world, with a lot of concerts, music, markets, films, readings... the city is supporting this event and also a lot of museum, churches and the opera are taking part in it. 

So I had no real time for anything beside this ^^


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