Dienstag, 14. Juni 2011

My first market...!

The chaotic situation is due to the rain :) It was a constant change between sunshine and heavy rainfalls... and I had to get everything quite safe under the plastic cover fast again and again :)

There will be better fotos which were made with a real good camera (also from the whole market and all participants) but here a first impression from my little market stand at the craftraum.

I'll show you some of the stuff I made / mounted later... But next to the market on saturday the WGT was taking place (from thursday to monday) and as every year since 1996 I took part :) It is like a great meeting of friends from all over the world, with a lot of concerts, music, markets, films, readings... the city is supporting this event and also a lot of museum, churches and the opera are taking part in it. 

So I had no real time for anything beside this ^^


  1. der stand sieht super aus !! der werd ich mir mal ne scheibe für abschneiden fürs nächste mal - alles klar / deutlich / strukturiert und nicht überladen. deine teilchen hast du super in szene gesetzt. rest später ;o) lg

  2. Your table shop looks great! I think everyone must have loved your creations. :)

  3. ah, bummer... I wish I'd been there, I'd probably ended up clearing out your stock!

  4. Thanks :)

    Mh... is my card readable on the foto...? Maybe not...

  5. Fly and dream? Otherwise I'm lost, chick! (btw, I realize that "chick" might sound weird to folks who are fortunate enough not to be familiar with Yorkshire english, but it actually is a term of endearment!)

  6. Mh... I see it is not readable... sorry!

    But on my card there it says:


    ...to add a little odd to your life.

    This idea was totally inspired by you! :)

  7. It's stuff like this that makes me NOT want to nuke the world! :D Thank you, chick, this means a helluva lot more than you might think.

  8. Congrats on your table! It looks amazing! Hope you did well and thanks for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party! Can't wait to see what you share next week!



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