Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2011

Bigger glas magnets...

With my crow...

...and of course again the little chameleon and snake skeleton from Karen (the graphics fairy)!

I am still experimenting how to get the snake with the best effect on fabric ^^

I displayed my magnets on an empty whisky package which is made out of metal. 

Okay, without glas nuggets some stars. But I also love them :)

The horse silhouette I also created from a graphic from Karen and the tree from a foto I made.

Some stamped airdrying clay... i didn't smoothe the edges... I wanted to see the effect it created.

Post it's with magnets on the back... like the ones of the advent calenders last year.

...and even some colour under glas ^^


  1. jAAAA - viel besser jetzt kann man die motive gut sehen - DANKEschön :o)

  2. Loving all the new posts, starting with your first craft sale! I'm so excited you did that, because your pieces are so incredible. It was time for the world to have a chance to own them!

    The way you have them packaged and displayed is so very professional and artistic. I would buy your items and also frame the background display cards, they're so pretty.

    Sorry you had rain for the event, but I hope you had a lot of fun anyway.

  3. You had me at "single malt"!
    Mich is right, your display certainly is artistic. I can totally picture you making a living from the stuff you create, there is something magical about your way of bringing things to life.
    I half- watched this odd film a long time ago, "Being John Malkovich" where some peeps gained access to said blokes mind. I wonder what it's like in your mind, full of tentacles, stamps and other whimsical oddities. I could spend a fun holiday in there!

  4. Wow die Glas-Nuggets sehen toll aus, so einen mit einer Libelle wäre was für mich.
    Danke noch für den Radiergummi Tipp.

    Lieben Gruß Sandra

  5. You know, I am half part scotish (at least from the genes because I grew up in germany with german as lamguage) :) My mother came from scotland (from Paisley, near Glasgow). Of course, there can only be single malt ^^

    I am not sure whether it would be really comfortable inside my head for others (althought I like that film!). Lot of times it is not even comfortable for me. But for certain, there are a lot of worlds, adventures, ideas and images in my head ^^

    And like the word "odd" your phrase of "bringing to life" means a lot to me, thanks for that! :)

  6. Comfortable does not always mean good. If you are too comfy, you never get off your backside again and spend the rest of your life on the sofa- d'you want that? No, I didn't think so.
    Yeah, you are odd, and if you weren't, I wouldn't give you the time of day.
    Never been to Paisley, only Glasgow (loads of times), and I intend to end my days there. It's a naughty sh!thole, but love is blind!

  7. I'm always a fan of the glass magnets! Thank's for linking to Sew Woodsy last week! Keep on linking great projects!

  8. You have a great imagination for taking something plain and ordinary and making it outstanding.



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