Montag, 31. Oktober 2011

Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2011

All the colours - Image transfer on fabric

You need: Pics made with a laser printer, tight woven natural fabrics, acrylic stuff, too much patience and "a" Silke from "für große Mädchen" to experiment long days and nights ^^

I still have to work on my method to get rid of all the little paper leftovers and to be more careful with the edges... Silke said I could wash it at 30 °C even. Like all prints you should be careful to wash it on the left side! 

Still: With the fabric I have to do a little bit more experiments to get the surface really "sealed". But already love it! 

If you ask me how to make textile prints I would really suggest to try out everything! Because of the different brands, printers, etc there doesn't seem to be one solution for all and everything. 

You can also do the aceton transfers I made on fabric instead paper! (have a look here) Try out every glue you have as well as acrylic stuff, solvents like aceton or just the stuff you use for cleaning brushes covered with oil paint, sometimes (like beautiful autumn leaves!) just adding water and heat may give some kind of transfer... 

And yes, there is a lot of ready made stuff out there from the companies, but please always have a look what is inside because a lot of times not the stuff itself but just the product packages are changed ^^

Samstag, 22. Oktober 2011

Real clay - next round

My second round of experimenting with clay and glaze! This time I just covered all the stuff really thick with the glaze!

I love little bowls... I hope there are some other people also loving them because I want to make a lot more of them ^^ Small ones like this with a very thin edge but maybe bigger ones for corn flakes and so with a broader edge... have to try it :)

You see how beautiful the glaze catches the light and how bright and shiny the reflections are!

It sparkles in the sun...! 

Oh, can't wan to try more. I already made some more pieces waiting to be fired so I can start glazing them... and of course I have to make some more bowls, small ones as well as bigger ones... but then I'll have to wait again for the first firing and then the next one for the glaze.... mrrr.... at least it teaches me a little bit about patience... or not? Hope so ^^

The hidden wood...

Just take a look around you. They are coming back! One day the trees will win the fight ^^

Now the trees not only grow on walls but start growing on the houses too...!

Freitag, 21. Oktober 2011

The little ones are big now!

I just walked through the botanical garden in leipzig and there one of the little foxes born this spring was next to me. I just posted every one of the pics so you can follow me like I followed him. And I know that he is one of the younger ones because his black patch on his muzzle ^^ And yes, he is on every picture even the last one! :)

Montag, 17. Oktober 2011

Spider shadow stencil

Look who is here!

This spider was really tiny! Just a few mm! Not more... You see how big the leaf is in the back... but due to the sun and the dark shadow I saw her! I just had to take a picture.

The silhouette of this tiny one was so cool! I just enlarged the picture... and made a black and white image with it. As a program I used gimp, it's freeware! For the editing process I used the smart sharpen tool of gimp. You see how good it is working because it was able to get all the little hairs visible! 

But I also wanted just a clear stencil / silhouette. So I used inkscape (also freeware) to vectorize and smooth the outlines. 

I hope you like her as much as I do :) Her and all of her tiny spider clones! ^^


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