Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2011

All the colours - Image transfer on fabric

You need: Pics made with a laser printer, tight woven natural fabrics, acrylic stuff, too much patience and "a" Silke from "für große Mädchen" to experiment long days and nights ^^

I still have to work on my method to get rid of all the little paper leftovers and to be more careful with the edges... Silke said I could wash it at 30 °C even. Like all prints you should be careful to wash it on the left side! 

Still: With the fabric I have to do a little bit more experiments to get the surface really "sealed". But already love it! 

If you ask me how to make textile prints I would really suggest to try out everything! Because of the different brands, printers, etc there doesn't seem to be one solution for all and everything. 

You can also do the aceton transfers I made on fabric instead paper! (have a look here) Try out every glue you have as well as acrylic stuff, solvents like aceton or just the stuff you use for cleaning brushes covered with oil paint, sometimes (like beautiful autumn leaves!) just adding water and heat may give some kind of transfer... 

And yes, there is a lot of ready made stuff out there from the companies, but please always have a look what is inside because a lot of times not the stuff itself but just the product packages are changed ^^


  1. THIS is SO awesome! Geez, I wish I had a laser printer. All these possibilities! <3 I'm in love!

  2. gotta get myself a laser printer... anyone know any shoplifters? ;) In the name of tentacles, get me a laser printer!!

  3. Those are so bright! Gorgeous, Claire! I love that you can get such a result and use your own favorite images.



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