Mittwoch, 12. Oktober 2011

Metal and stones

There is something about this combination which fascinates me. I have to touch the surface all the time, the rough touch of the stone against the smoothness of the metal. The lines of the metal are following the edges and the form of the stone even if not everything is visible for the eye. But the fingers are feeling it and the metal wire gets it's position and hold only from the stone underneath. 

Although the materials seem so different, the stone breaks the light while the metal, silver and even black as it is, reflects all the light falling upon it, they come together as one.

The stone keeps and the metal holds. There can't be a wrong line or a way the metal wire is folding around the stone which creates not beauty. Just because the metal adapts to the stone while your fingers are folding it.

Nothing but the own fingertips are creating the union. There is no pressure and no force needed, nor even wanted, for the metal wire might easily break.

But what about the stone which is too smooth to hold anything anymore? Which went to the water, thrown through the waves, again and again until no edge remains. The little rough parts, all the imperfections, the breaks on the surface, may they be seen or only to be feeled if you are getting close, they allow to create a binding.

Smoothness may be a kind of perfection but what is left of you if nobody can touch you anymore?

If the time and the changes, subtle like water and crushing like storm, eradiates all edges, all flaws, all what made you different. Unique. Round and smooth, so perfect, so like many others.

No connection, no hold, falling, rolling with every wave, helpless by being formed. But the single strands of metal can go together, weave into a pattern which will surround all of the smoothness. The metal holds now the stone, keeps it tight and secure.

All the stones and also the pieces of shells are from Fuerteventure (no, not Formentera this time ;) ). I got them from "für große Mädchen" after her holiday there. Yes, I love to get stones, shells, plants, sea-sanded glas, strange undefined things... from other people from everywhere :) And I`ll try to make other pics as soon as I have time during the short period of daylight... and whether there is light at all... weather is going dark and grey... :(

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