Sonntag, 30. September 2012

Macrame - just a little bit in cream

My first steps with macramé. Again made on formentera, in august this year. I bought a spanish crafting magazine with some macramé tutorials, very simple but with great effects! Not my arm but the one of a friend who ordered the first bracelets from me. She wanted a light colour, being subtle but with a great structure.

Here you can see my first experiments with a little bit thicker yarn... is really easy!

Just takes a lot of time.

And I am not the most patient person ^^

But give it a try!

Samstag, 29. September 2012

Little eyeballs studs earrings, what else?

I made tiny eyeballs out of polymer clay and used them to make tiny stud earrings! Have a look here to see how I make "my" eyeballs out of polymer clay (fimo). 

I glued the eyeballs to blank stud earrings...  and added a lot layers of shiny gloss varnish / lacquer (from the brand fimo, because this is really good compatible. With other shiny gloss the surface becomes sticky after one or two weeks...)

After that I wanted to add them to a little card for showing them at fairs or just to create a cute little gift for family and friends. I remembered the great skull graphic from Karens graphic fairy which I already used before. I just resized the image (3 cm width, I tried it) and printed it out.

I glued it on card board (I just got a lot cardboard already cut in size from a friend! Soooooo great!) with double side adhesive tape...

...and punched holes into the eyeholes of the skull!

...add the tiny eyeball stud earrings and that was it!

Look at the beautiful blue eyes!

(and the gorgeous smile!)

The back...

...and all the other ones!

Especially the silver gives a nice effect!

Just more pictures... because I loved them all and was not able to edit it ^^

(Edit: I used added the links... and by the way: My stud earrings are all 5 €, I was just asked ^^)

Paint an octopus with your fingers in fabric

Is there any need for me to write something about it? Hey, octopus, tentacles, fabric paints, using only my fingers to paint...

...and being on formentera. 

See the rough effect created due to using my fingers as well as the fabric being a little bit elastic? Like it!

...lot of pictures had to be taken...

...even from my back ^^

Inspirations: Structures (Formentera)

Simple. But the geometric forms together with the colours and dust... structures I want to use for patchwork but also to create new stamps for paper and polymer clay...

It may be nothing special but it starts turning the thoughts and ideas in my head therefore it is special to me!

Freitag, 28. September 2012

Inspirations: Bikes (Formentera)

I can't really tell you why but I am really into this picture and had to show it to you. The bikes belong to my family. Especially the blue one is really old. Maybe even older than me? But sturdy! 

The picture was taken in sant francesc, formentera, spain (august). 

...and yes... even more to come. ^^

Strange seed II - The growth!

You remember the strange seeds I found and used to create some earrings (the last part you would have guessed even without knowing having in mind that I make nearly everything into earrings ^^)? 

My family let some of the leftover seeds grow (even if I am a biologist, I don't have a green thumb.... the opposite...!). They believed that it were triffids! Just growing rapidly! 

Grendelskin found the answer what kind of seeds they were and now the growing plants confirmed it:
Castor beans - ricinus communis

In german also "Wunderbaum" (tree of wonder)

Look at the red veins! Really beautiful :)

Donnerstag, 27. September 2012

Inspirations: On the way (Formentera)

No, I am not done showing you pictures taken this year at formentera (spain, in august). 

It is the light which is so bright on formentera and brings out the colours so strong. One painter said (sorry, I read about it but forgot the name): The light on formentera is so bright it is not for painting but for insights. Nevertheless it was written in the book that the painter stayed on the island and painted. 

The light is really special there. As bright as it is, it calms me. Just being at the moment, fully aware, without the roots to yesterday or tomorrow. the day-to-day routine it seems that I forget to really be in every moment far too often. It's a little bit clichéd but if you don't find the time to live now, always thinking about that some day in the future you will time to do this or  that, you won't ever find the time. 

If you don't to it now, you won't do it ever. 

Mittwoch, 26. September 2012

A little bit of vintage (Formentera)

I have so many things I would like to show you... just waiting to be shown to you! But the little spare time I had went to creating things (or just sleeping! ^^) and not taking pictures, editing them and writing the blog entries. 

But I am also aware that I won't get more time ever... I just have to find a way how to use my time better. Or rather... everyone has some spare minutes (we are not talking about hours, just minutes!).. it is just a question of the priorities how to use them. 

For me this would be: Write more blog entries while drinking and enjoying your coffee! ^^

Please don't think this is something which is stress for me! I love my blog, writing about the thoughts in my head and showing you the stuff resulting out of them! There are so many ideas, contacts, experiences which came all together with my blog I wouldn't like to miss! 

In the end I write my blog for myself. Not for anybody else... but because of this it means a lot to me if you like my blog! In all my stuff there is a lot of me inside. 

Back to topic: These pictures are in the house on formentera. I am not sure how old they are but they already hung on the walls 25 years ago! (not being new at that time!). The bird in the middle was painted on fabric and the flower picture was painted on wood. 

Freitag, 21. September 2012

Inspirations: Critters and the fortified church (Formentera)

Just look at the colours and structures at the background! They are just stunning! Of course everything needs a contrast to be highlighted and in this case this is realised by a black cat. 

Sant Francesc. Formentera. Spain. July.

Just look around, you see the little one?

Closer even.

But the other window is beautiful as well!

Flowers. Creating spots of bright colour.

Unusual mild and moist weather creates rich greens.

(moist is relative, really relative! But normally everything is grey and dried out at this time of the year)

Still sitting there.

Simple and clean lines, gorgeous structures. 

Just to feed the eyes.

Mittwoch, 12. September 2012

It is watching you!

I combined my polymer clay (fimo) eyeballs with some structured stuff also made out of fimo and put it all again on a little glas.

Now it is watching you!

This time the basic colour of the polymer clay I used was a dark brown. I went over it with black acrylic colour. Before the paint could set I went over the surface with a wet sponge to remove most of the colour. 

For the highlights / metallic effect I used at first copper and then bronze metallic acrylic paint (the ones from Reeves, really good quality!). Of course followed by a lot of layers from lacquer / shiny gloss. Especially the eyeball got some more layers! ^^

For a little eyeball tutorial: Have a look here

For another glas with polymer clay: Have a look here


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