Donnerstag, 27. September 2012

Inspirations: On the way (Formentera)

No, I am not done showing you pictures taken this year at formentera (spain, in august). 

It is the light which is so bright on formentera and brings out the colours so strong. One painter said (sorry, I read about it but forgot the name): The light on formentera is so bright it is not for painting but for insights. Nevertheless it was written in the book that the painter stayed on the island and painted. 

The light is really special there. As bright as it is, it calms me. Just being at the moment, fully aware, without the roots to yesterday or tomorrow. the day-to-day routine it seems that I forget to really be in every moment far too often. It's a little bit clichéd but if you don't find the time to live now, always thinking about that some day in the future you will time to do this or  that, you won't ever find the time. 

If you don't to it now, you won't do it ever. 

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