Samstag, 29. September 2012

Little eyeballs studs earrings, what else?

I made tiny eyeballs out of polymer clay and used them to make tiny stud earrings! Have a look here to see how I make "my" eyeballs out of polymer clay (fimo). 

I glued the eyeballs to blank stud earrings...  and added a lot layers of shiny gloss varnish / lacquer (from the brand fimo, because this is really good compatible. With other shiny gloss the surface becomes sticky after one or two weeks...)

After that I wanted to add them to a little card for showing them at fairs or just to create a cute little gift for family and friends. I remembered the great skull graphic from Karens graphic fairy which I already used before. I just resized the image (3 cm width, I tried it) and printed it out.

I glued it on card board (I just got a lot cardboard already cut in size from a friend! Soooooo great!) with double side adhesive tape...

...and punched holes into the eyeholes of the skull!

...add the tiny eyeball stud earrings and that was it!

Look at the beautiful blue eyes!

(and the gorgeous smile!)

The back...

...and all the other ones!

Especially the silver gives a nice effect!

Just more pictures... because I loved them all and was not able to edit it ^^

(Edit: I used added the links... and by the way: My stud earrings are all 5 €, I was just asked ^^)

12 Kommentare:

  1. Terrific presentation!


  2. This is the coolest packaging idea!!! You must immediately find a fair - before Halloween, somewhere, anywhere! You will sell every one. These tiniest of eyes make the most beautiful earrings!

  3. suuuuuuuper.....echt jetzt ich bin begeistert.
    kannst du mir welche machen für kuscheltiere?
    liebe grüße

  4. *lach* was ne geile Verpackung! Aber die Ohrring-Idee an sich ist auch schon toll. =)

    1. Danke! :) Und ich mag die Ohrringe auf den Karten auch zu gerne, kA ob ich die je abmachen würde zum tragen ^^

  5. These are hilarious.... AND kinda scary too.....

  6. Love them! I think the super glossy looks makes them super cool

  7. You just totally rock! Love this. Sharing on Facebook.

    Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create! <3 Christina

  8. These are so cool! Love how you attached them to the cards, your tutorial makes it look so easy.



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