Freitag, 21. September 2012

Inspirations: Critters and the fortified church (Formentera)

Just look at the colours and structures at the background! They are just stunning! Of course everything needs a contrast to be highlighted and in this case this is realised by a black cat. 

Sant Francesc. Formentera. Spain. July.

Just look around, you see the little one?

Closer even.

But the other window is beautiful as well!

Flowers. Creating spots of bright colour.

Unusual mild and moist weather creates rich greens.

(moist is relative, really relative! But normally everything is grey and dried out at this time of the year)

Still sitting there.

Simple and clean lines, gorgeous structures. 

Just to feed the eyes.


  1. Katzen haben einfach Sinn für Ästhethik! Die *wusste*, dass sie vor dem Hintergrund gut aussieht. :)

  2. I love old stucco church buildings. it really does look like a fortress!

  3. breath taking photos. i love old buildings and architecture, just amazing.



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