Freitag, 28. September 2012

Strange seed II - The growth!

You remember the strange seeds I found and used to create some earrings (the last part you would have guessed even without knowing having in mind that I make nearly everything into earrings ^^)? 

My family let some of the leftover seeds grow (even if I am a biologist, I don't have a green thumb.... the opposite...!). They believed that it were triffids! Just growing rapidly! 

Grendelskin found the answer what kind of seeds they were and now the growing plants confirmed it:
Castor beans - ricinus communis

In german also "Wunderbaum" (tree of wonder)

Look at the red veins! Really beautiful :)

2 Kommentare:

  1. Those seeds can kill (takes about 8 of them, though)... that plant is perfect for your oddness! <3

  2. Tree of wonderful! Your baby tree looks like it is thriving.



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