Samstag, 12. Dezember 2009

Tentacles... and more

I took some fotos of the items I made for the advent calender last year. first stuff made out of fimo since I was... since... a lot... of years... (at least). The texture is still rough and one can still see the single parts of an object where it is not wished. My newer octos are a lot smoother and with finer details but I still like my first ones.

Strange how fast one learns to use a material (although I still am just beginning....) but cool somehown ;)

Some music!

My own one!

This is the one Tophino made for me :)


Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine....!
(just in case you didn't get it.... ^^)

The order of earrings!

Just for Lachafa! :)

The last advent calender... finally in spain!

Because my time is still very limited I'wll just show you some of the "making of" :)

In the lab, saturday morning: Get all the help you need!
(You can see the helping hand of Positron! Thanks a lot for your help!)

And all the helping items lying around: scissors, glue, chocolate, dictionary german - arabic...

Montag, 7. Dezember 2009

Octopus pillow...

Today is my fathers birthday and... (what else...?) there had to be an octopus! So (I don't have time for writing more stuff, my thesis is waiting... *uhg*) my present was an octopus (pillow).

Look, he smiles! Really!

(Violett/blue silk on black cotton. painted with chalk for cloths. applied by hand. surrounded with sewing machine. highlighted with silver edding.)

Samstag, 5. Dezember 2009

Advent calendar - 2009

Okay, the first one I can only show in the packed state because it is still (yes, I know... it is already the 5th of december... *sough*) on the way... and they told me at the post office... Oh... it's a "Maxibrief" (means: big letter), that will only need two to three days to spain. They said that to me last saturday...

Lachafas advent calendar (packed)

The next two calendars are also for family members: The violett one for our parents and the long and small wrapped things for our brother.

The numbers are writte at the back of small stars made out of polymer clay (fimo) with stamps or metal pieces or gold powder or little swarowski crystals...


because they belong everythere....!

A tentacle star!

Just for the real christmas feeling... ;)

The fourth calender every year (also for the fourth time this year) is a pink one for a very dear friend of mine. Just image, which colour the items of the advent calendar have... Yes, you're right! And there are a lot of people helping me through the year to find enough pink items. And we all start right in january searching for them. I will never just use the end of november for this task! Never!

Yes, the pink stars are also made out of polymer clay like the stars above.

At this stage they are not varnished. They will get a sweet gloss with an overlay of varnish...
And I forgot to make some pictures of the ones with the crystals :( But I had to finish all in time.

Maybe next year... at least there are some pictures of this year round of calendars ;)

Dienstag, 1. Dezember 2009

Just something like a life sign...

I am sorry... there won't be any new pictures for the next time. This is due to two main reasons.

The first one: all the stuff I have done in the last time is dedicated to be a present (either for christmas or for an advent calender) so no good idea to show them online... ^^

The second (but more import) one: I have a deadline for my thesis... puh....

So at least: I have some new stamps which I find quite nice (and they were not so expensive as stamps usually are...) and will show them here as some sort of a life sign ;)

Sonntag, 8. November 2009

Stole made out of textile fur

Another item made of fake fur. Although made with the intention to use it for roleplaying as soon as it gets very cold I use it daily! Warm and cuddly!

Plaid made of wolf (textile) fur

For roleplaying... :)

The fake fur is nearly as smooth as real one!

More tentacles... my birthday card

I just can't get enough to look at this birthday card! Friends made this for me knowing my everloving attitude towards octopus/tentacles. ;)

Roughly translated:

"Because you get older and older...
....we have.. with the help of exhaustive research...
...worked out a solution for you!"

"Conservation with alcohol!"

Earrings - small wings

Just something made out of some fimo leftovers mashed together (gold, green, black, some undefinable colour...) with little swarowski cristals in it. I like the form of the little wings. I use it quite often meanwhile. Above the little silver ball there are either feathers or leafs. Depending on the context and the colour they can be both.


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