Freitag, 29. Januar 2010

Paper cuts - crow pattern

After using foamed rubber as material for creating stamps I startet cutting just paper to get bigger or finer detailed pattern to use on fabrics.

I won't show you my first try because it's the basis for a present which didn't arrive yet :( But I got temped and produced more pattern. It is really simple: Just outline you object and use a sharp scalpel for cutting. Like foamed rubber stuff just even smoother...

Some crow silhouettes: I will use the positive and negative image :)

On a little bit (okay... more than a little bit...) crinkled fabric with black acrylic paint. Paints especially made for fabrics is to expensive for just some test.

The same fabric with the used crow pattern...

Stamps, stamps and even more stamps...!

Okay, I have cut out some more stamps out of foamed rubber. This time a lot to create animal tracks... all of african creatures... but a lot of them would also be ok for dog, wolf or cat tracks.. :)

I glued them on polythene foil (maybe you can even read the names on it...) because I was a little bit worried about losing the small pieces.

They will be mounted on wooden blocks later...


I will use the remaining rubber stuff to print animal like pattern.. a little bit like leopard fur...

My first staming with the hyaena track. I really like the result. Just something so easy and fast... Just for crossing the prints over a t-shirt or skirt...

...skirt... definitly going on my to-do list ;)

Freitag, 15. Januar 2010

Earring holder picture frame...

...after tidying up my bathroom a little bit, I wanted to put my earrings in some order... or some of them (the first ones in my hand to try it...) The picture frame lay around, I just arranged some silver wire and black ribbon aroung the ornaments and put some colourful (red... red... and red...) picutre behind the glas.

...and more pieces of fabric!

Just for trying some techniques like stamping, spraying...

Dots... little bit organic, I think...

Using the paper layout for the ornament stamp as form to spray on the fabric... you see the glitter...? ;)

And something more tribal.. or whatever...

Even more stamps...!

Like I said, I try do make something every day... even if it is only small or an idea or some material to create other stuff of...

Therefor: More stamps made out of foamed rubber...! Hopefully I will get some wood pieces to mount the rubber in it soon... :)

Montag, 11. Januar 2010

First try - new stamps!

Just with some leftover of blue paint based on acrylic paint on coloured envelopes. Just to get a feeling for it and whether these stamps are really functionally... they were my first ones!

Now one could modify with other stamps, paints, embossing stuff...

But I really look foreward to create fabrics with these stamps! :)

Stamps out of foamed rubber

I used 3 mm thick white foamed rubber and (like I said before: no much difference between lab and stuff) a scalpel. This time not the one for modeling polymer clay (fimo) because it is not sharp enough. It is perfect to cut straight through the polymer clay but not through anything else anymore! Afterwards I just glued them on card board although I am know thinking this was not my brightest idea (just how to wash them...?).

Ornaments, cats and an octopus... I guess you are not really surprised ;) Where it was possible I made a positive and negative one.

Their purpose: Dye fabrics! :)

Sketch book

I am not sure whether there is a real difference in my drive and motivation for my work compared to creating stuff at home. One thing which is for sure the same in both parts of my life is the need for a small book. Notes, ideas, sketches... doesn't really matter if it is for the lab or for my stuff. I use up a lot of them!

Here is my new one for stuff ;)

Pieces of facrics

Due to my new year's resolution I am creating every day something and like the polymer clay things this is often just the material / basics for other creations. This is especially true for fabrics. I am sorry that i don't have any pictures of the quilts I made (or other pillows, bags, ....). Mostly I was producing something which was intended to be a present for someone and with my "great" time management I always just finished the thing in the last minute. So no picture... *sniff*

But nevertheless, here some material. Playing with some spray, eddings, acrylic painting and stiching.

Sonntag, 10. Januar 2010

As always... tentacles...!

This time a little bit smaller, purple and blue, no shades.

Also some more of this beads I want to use for hairthings/pieces. Just for sitting in the center surrounded by lace, fabrics and feathers, whatever lays around.

The black colour of the acrylic paint is not contrasting enough to the dark blue fimo, so maybe I will put another layer of a lighter paint above. The wire is just for the holes in the beads. I always (if I am not forgetting it) put two wires in the bead so they can be sewed tighly on fabrics at different positions.

New year trash (2010)

In the last year(s) I had a lot more ideas for projects than I ever was able to start not to mention something like accomplishing. But why not? Sure, we all  have only a certain amount of time but compared to the gain that shouldn't be so interfering.

During the day I make a lot of notes and simple sketches for things I want to create. Sometimes I even just run to the shop buying the items needed. Other times I am just wandering / shooping in the city (especially in this trash shops) just seeing something and knowing how to modify it.

But as soon as I am home all the energy seems leaving me. Coming down, do the dishes, laundry, cook something, etc... and not only the time but also the drive for creating things is missing and I fell only tired (already counting if the night has enough hours left for sleeping).

It's frustrating. I love creating things, doesn't matter if this is just stuff and trash, it's mine and I feel really great having made an object I like!

So I decided to give myself a kick and to something small (or not so small) every day this year. Even if it is only a sketch. I won't show all the things in this blog but some, starting with the stuff from the last few days (exception: still not shipped gifts).

This is my new year's resolution. :)

Samstag, 2. Januar 2010

Other stuff...

..also maybe for hair acessoires...

2010... will be known as the year of the great tentacle!

Originally I wanted to post some pictures of the christmas presents I made, but there are not uploaded still...

So here the first tentacles of the new year! Made on the first to the second of january 2010.

I just want to bring the pictures up and not to write much anymore... so I hope they are self-explanatory :)

You can see the whole process starting from the polymer clay (Fimo) to the first baking over the second baking with colour added until the final laquer step...

The smaller tentacles will be integrated into earrings (yes.. for me... my tentacles earings! not a prestent for anyone ^^) and for the tentacles "thing" I am imaging a headpiece or something like that.


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