Sonntag, 10. Januar 2010

New year trash (2010)

In the last year(s) I had a lot more ideas for projects than I ever was able to start not to mention something like accomplishing. But why not? Sure, we all  have only a certain amount of time but compared to the gain that shouldn't be so interfering.

During the day I make a lot of notes and simple sketches for things I want to create. Sometimes I even just run to the shop buying the items needed. Other times I am just wandering / shooping in the city (especially in this trash shops) just seeing something and knowing how to modify it.

But as soon as I am home all the energy seems leaving me. Coming down, do the dishes, laundry, cook something, etc... and not only the time but also the drive for creating things is missing and I fell only tired (already counting if the night has enough hours left for sleeping).

It's frustrating. I love creating things, doesn't matter if this is just stuff and trash, it's mine and I feel really great having made an object I like!

So I decided to give myself a kick and to something small (or not so small) every day this year. Even if it is only a sketch. I won't show all the things in this blog but some, starting with the stuff from the last few days (exception: still not shipped gifts).

This is my new year's resolution. :)

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