Donnerstag, 28. Oktober 2010

Tentacles and jelly fishs - salt and pepper shaker

Not the first ones, definitly not the last ones!

What can I say? I love them!

I made them some time ago as a present but only can show it now after giving them to the intended person :)


And of course these paints I use for ceramics (and glas) are on an acrylic paint base. Therefore I can create structures with them: Suckers on the tentacles! Can you see it? ^^

Mittwoch, 27. Oktober 2010

Small chameleon stamp...

...okay, I am not really satisfied with this one. I know, one should not say something like that, we all hate it. It is like be a guest at dinner and the person who cocked it is excusing herself all the time before you even had a taste of the food ^^ (and it is never so worse like the cook it telling you!).

Still, I am not satisfied and have to say it. The eraser I used was a bad kind of rubber... it was tooo flexible and not cutting well and at the same time crumbling! Bah.

But after painting something like a border of the chameleon and giving one a little red tong... mh... maybe I will use it ^^

And I like to share the how-to with you because it is easy. And even if I am not really satisfied (last time I said it, promised!) it is a fast little project and if it goes wrong you will lose not really anything if you just use some cheap erasers. In fact some of my best stamps are made out of cheap erasers. One has just to try different ones. :)

Here is the little picture I used (from graphics fairy, I just love this skeleton!). It is really tiny and the details are not cutable. It is not even half an inch high (even under 1 cm ^^). But I like the shape.

I just use a pencil to paint over the picture. Then I lay the painted side on the eraser and just rubbed carefully over it. With this the picture is transfered on the eraser.

Then cut the lines! And if you are unsure: Stamp it on paper and just cut away all you don't like :)

And don't forget to paint a red tongue ^^

Samstag, 23. Oktober 2010

A little bit of vintage II - lace wrist warmers

This were the small leftovers from the lace scarf of my last blog entry. They would be a little bit tight for my wrist but this is elastic lace so no problem with it ^^

I folded the little pieces in half, the right side on the right side (the nicer side which will be outside, don't know the correct english term. If somebody could tell me, please!). The ends I folded two times and fixed it with pins. After this I sewed a elastic stich with my sweing machine. This time I used my sewing machine (Yes, I can use it again! At least a little bit before it hurts too much ^^) because this seam will be under some pressure.

Nevertheless just one line to sew ^^ And finish!

Some other (and easy to sew) warmers from me:

Little blue ones with tentacles and my struggle for the correct english term: Click here.

And the warmers suitable for my scarf "Lisboa II": Click here.

(You will also notice how my abilities with my beloved digi cam evolved ^^)

Donnerstag, 21. Oktober 2010

A little bit of vintage - lace scarf

I bought this beautiful lace at a trade fair here in germany. It was sold by someone from the netherlands and he told me that this came from a manufacturer from france. This was just a sample piece the send their customers but never got into mass production. He had only around 2 to 2,5 m left (nearly all he ever got ^^) and sold it to me for 2 €/m (you have an idea how expensive this normally is? 2 €/m is like nothing!).

It is around 18 cm wide and elastic and just beautiful. And no net lace or other cheap lace stuff but really made in a superiour quality. Thought for nice underwear and stuff like this but I think is way too beautiful to be hidden ^^

Since I saw it I wanted it for a scarf. Just a little bit playful next to my normal clothing. Or maybe for some evening wear from time to time...

I love the leaves as well as the waves with the dots...!

All this doesn't needed much sewing because the lace were secured on both sides. Just the ends were open. The ends wouldn't fray even unsecured so this made it very easy. I just folded the ends two times and secured it with pins. Afterwards all was sewed with a little hand stitch. I just had to take care not to pull the string too much because this is elastic material. But due to the lace not too elastic so this stich will hold :)

It is nearly invisible!

And beside buying the lace the whole project was over in about ten minutes. To blog about this took longer ^^

Montag, 18. Oktober 2010

Cute little bones III - envelopes

And my third little project with cute little bones (and pictures from graphics fairy... I didn't search for pictures, I saw the pictures she put on her blog and had to do something with them! So that's why there are this three small and easy projects :) ).

This are all the envelopes I prepared to work with later... I just print the desired pictures out and fold them into envelopes. I use the space beside or under or above the picture for the adress label and the stamp.

You could just set a frame or a speech bubble next to this one...

This one could get the adress as the "species label". ^^

This skelett shows on the recipients adress... It would look cool just like this! Or a frame could be added...

Also smaller versions of a picture are nice. This one just says loud: Give me a speech bubble! ^^

One way to create backgrounds for labels, speech bubbles and / or frames is just paint with artistic water colours on paper. You can see that I am still in love with my shades of brown...

The three upper colours on the left side. Aren't they beautiful just standing alone?

I cut out some shapes freehand (no, they are not perfect ^^) and glued them on black cardboard and cut them out again so they get a little black frame around the corner. You could also just paint a black boarder with a laquer pen.

The little "nails" are dots made with a silver laquer pen.

And put together with a skeletal one...

And then use all the artistic water colours again... I used my three shades of brown and gold. The black paint is an old waterproof mascara ^^ The brush is perfect, nearly empty of paint and after drying resistant against water!

See the gold shimmer...?

Looks a little bit bloody... ^^ not intended but I like it!

Again the finished one :)

Cute little bones II - paper bag

Here is the next "cute little bones" project. It developed from itself as I got some small bottles (with alcohol, ai ^^) as a present. They were packed in this plastic bag (around DinA 5). I liked the bag and I wanted one out of paper. It had the perfect size for little presents...

You can see how it was made and how the secured the bag....

I just opened all the glue and all the tape so I got my stencil. Yes, it would also be easy to make one by yourself but this way you won't have to measure anything. I wouldn't buy a stencil for this but with a free one I love to use it ^^


I just cut out the paper and fold everythings...

...I folded the sides in the other direction because the will go inward in the finished bag. I also punched some holes in it for a ribbon (or whatever...).

For getting everything together I used two-sided adhesive tape. Easy to use and no mess at all! You can see in the picture below where I put the tape.

For the front I wanted to put another one of this tiny printed skeletal critters! (again from graphics fairy!) I glued some plastic on the front (some leftover from the packed bottles) and thought one of my little frames would be perfect to add...

..I just glued it on top.

I cut everything out. This time with a good scissor and NOT my paper knife! It would break (Yes, it did break, I tried... ^^) with plastic which is a little bit harder...!

And I glued everything on top on my little paper bag.

The oper paper bag....

The paper bag standing on one of my boards...

I love the little frame with the plastic! Just a miniature of a piture frame with glas. And yes, it has some reflections too!

PS: If someones wants the measurements, just ask and I'll take them for you :)


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