Mittwoch, 27. Oktober 2010

Small chameleon stamp...

...okay, I am not really satisfied with this one. I know, one should not say something like that, we all hate it. It is like be a guest at dinner and the person who cocked it is excusing herself all the time before you even had a taste of the food ^^ (and it is never so worse like the cook it telling you!).

Still, I am not satisfied and have to say it. The eraser I used was a bad kind of rubber... it was tooo flexible and not cutting well and at the same time crumbling! Bah.

But after painting something like a border of the chameleon and giving one a little red tong... mh... maybe I will use it ^^

And I like to share the how-to with you because it is easy. And even if I am not really satisfied (last time I said it, promised!) it is a fast little project and if it goes wrong you will lose not really anything if you just use some cheap erasers. In fact some of my best stamps are made out of cheap erasers. One has just to try different ones. :)

Here is the little picture I used (from graphics fairy, I just love this skeleton!). It is really tiny and the details are not cutable. It is not even half an inch high (even under 1 cm ^^). But I like the shape.

I just use a pencil to paint over the picture. Then I lay the painted side on the eraser and just rubbed carefully over it. With this the picture is transfered on the eraser.

Then cut the lines! And if you are unsure: Stamp it on paper and just cut away all you don't like :)

And don't forget to paint a red tongue ^^


  1. i think your chameleon is very very cute! he has personality especially the one with the red tongue! :)

  2. I think it's adorable! And I LOVE the little red tongue.

  3. Seriously?? That's not GOOD?!?! I disagree. What a cool talent you have. I think it looks great!!

  4. I think he's charming and I love him! I also love your tutorial, what an easy way to transfer the picture. The red tongue is brilliantly cute.

  5. I can't even imagine the patience it must have took to carve this little stamp. I can understand your frustration of the eraser not cooperating. Still, I think it turned out very well. Thanks for linking this tutorial up to Sunday Art Therapy at Seeds on a Breeze.

  6. wow super gelungen - als stempel und dann so klein UFF



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