Donnerstag, 21. Oktober 2010

A little bit of vintage - lace scarf

I bought this beautiful lace at a trade fair here in germany. It was sold by someone from the netherlands and he told me that this came from a manufacturer from france. This was just a sample piece the send their customers but never got into mass production. He had only around 2 to 2,5 m left (nearly all he ever got ^^) and sold it to me for 2 €/m (you have an idea how expensive this normally is? 2 €/m is like nothing!).

It is around 18 cm wide and elastic and just beautiful. And no net lace or other cheap lace stuff but really made in a superiour quality. Thought for nice underwear and stuff like this but I think is way too beautiful to be hidden ^^

Since I saw it I wanted it for a scarf. Just a little bit playful next to my normal clothing. Or maybe for some evening wear from time to time...

I love the leaves as well as the waves with the dots...!

All this doesn't needed much sewing because the lace were secured on both sides. Just the ends were open. The ends wouldn't fray even unsecured so this made it very easy. I just folded the ends two times and secured it with pins. Afterwards all was sewed with a little hand stitch. I just had to take care not to pull the string too much because this is elastic material. But due to the lace not too elastic so this stich will hold :)

It is nearly invisible!

And beside buying the lace the whole project was over in about ten minutes. To blog about this took longer ^^

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