Freitag, 1. Oktober 2010

Inspirations: Material and structures

Material and structures... Sometimes this is the same for me. Or not sometimes: "Very often" is more suitable ^^ There are different ways for me to get to my stuff. Some things are telling me what they are or what they should become as soon as I see them. With other things it is more that I like them, that they are cute or basic material to work with and I take them with me without knowing what to make out of them.

This is a silver bead and a part of a crocheted bead string (friends giving me things! ^^). The crochet work was a first one of a friend of mine. It was intentioned to be a necklace but it was too stiff so she didn't finish this work (her other necklaces are quite beautiful, I have two!). The first thing which came into my mind was: A handle for a little bag! So as soon as my foot and my sewing machine are best friends again, this will be on my to-do list! The little paper is an 1x1 inch (ca. 2,5x2,5 cm).

The beads have an organic touch, nai?

Coming back to material: An old and tattered book. One of the best material sources ever!

Cut into inches...

The surrounding as a "free-style" cutted frame... (as always: don't be too accurate, the imperfections are what it makes really cool!)

And the sourroundings of the surroundings... more frames! I thought of this only during cutting my second mini frame... so I have only two.

All this things are part of my stash. I know, there are a lot of actions and parties like "stash busting". There are quite cool and useable and a lot of my friends would propably think I should take part at such a party. But I need stash to make things and get my brain working. Like with my envelopes I create a lot of little paper pictures which I just can use instantly. I can put different pieces together to try for a look or get new ideas with strange combinations. Stash is not only stash for me but inspiration and the basic of all my work. So I don't think I will ever participate in a stash busting party ^^

But on the other hand: Only a part of my things are acutally bought ones. I find a lot of stuff, I use things which are already in my property but originaly for some other purpose or friends are bestowing me because they know I would love it :)

And I am trying not ever again have some doubts about using something just because it was expensive! (I am still learning this, not working every time ^^)

Are you jealous? ^^ I got all this little and cute and perfect for steampunk metall pieces from a friend! Thanks, thanks, thanks again! (She reads my blog ^^)

 Another one of my friends was having holidays in france. I got a lot of presents! Bought ones as well as collected items... like these pine cones! They are quite big!

I just coloured one with metallic acrylic paint to see how it would look like. I am trying things out because for me this is the best way to get new ideas.

If you take a look from above on the pine cone it looks like a flower structure! I love it!

And sea shells from the atlantic coast...

...of course I painted some of them (don't worry, not the real beauties!)


  1. I'm with you... I collect lots of stuff I find beautiful... even old pieces of junk find their way home!

  2. The only problem: Space!

    But the solution is not less material but more space! ;)

  3. It's fun to see some of the things that inspire you! Thanks for sharing with us at A Crafty Soiree! Please join us next time too!



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