Samstag, 9. Oktober 2010

Ocean inspired envelope

I already made this envelope a few days ago but forgot to post about it. Mh... my neurons are not the newest ones ^^

The picture is from graphics fairy, you can find it here. As soon as I saw it I knew this is perfect for an envelope. Normally all you would need is a colour printer.

This is where my problem started. I just can print in old black and white and not even in a good quality... (Yes, a new printer. Would be great... and needs money... :( ).

So I printed a test version. After this one I decided to add more contrast and brightness to it. Just with the grafic modification options word offers, that's enough for projects like this one :)

Now you have a better chance to paint it after printing. Otherwise the colours would be too dull.

I folded and cut the paper for a very simple envelope :)

Here is the finished envelope shape front:

I wanted the black printed lines to come through so I used artistic water colours.

I also used a black fineliner to overpaint the outlines for more contrast. And I added some movement through more "swirling hair lines"...

All the fishes have some silver as last finish and the mermaid has some gold in the green.

A little bit difficult (as always) to catch on a foto but I hope you get the idea.

After all this was done every creature was overlayed with clear embossing powder.

It is also a little bit difficult to see the effect but it is quite nice. ^^ A little bit like water...!

After all I have to say I am even glad I don't have a colour printer. Otherwise I wouldn't have painted it and in the end I like the mermaid in all this green and gold shades more than the original ^^


  1. so well done, I love her pretty arm and wand! jealous of your penpals

  2. Super, total toll, wie immer. *sabber*

  3. WOW. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Thanks for the wonderful tutorial, it is perfect for me because: 1. I love Graphics Fairy, too, and 2. I also have only a black and white printer. I am going to try this. I am inspired!

  4. This is fantastic!!! I'm glad you only have a black and white printer too, so that we could see the beautiful colors you painted on this! Thanks for linking this up today.

  5. This is so beautiful!Just came over from Brag Monday.
    Have a great day.

  6. This is so beautiful!!!! I love it!!

  7. I LOVE your envelopes. It is really inspiring to see your work ... I very often have no time to decorate the envelopes but .... when I look at your work I definitely should make the effort. It looks just amazing.

  8. You did a beautiful job. I love this envelope and who wouldn't love to get a letter or little gift with something like this!


  9. Oh this is gorgeous! I can't believe you took the time to put in so many details! Do you have trouble mailing them with all the layers? I bet you must have to get them hand stamped? Geez, I need to become your pen pal so I can get works of art like this in the mail! As always, love seeing you at A Crafty Soiree:)

  10. This might be my favorite of your projects! The colors are amazing and the touch with the embossing powders put it over the top. I love how our "lack" of certain materials drives us to be more creative and produce work that is so much more than we ever imagined. Always an inspiration! Thanks for linking up at Sunday Art Therapy at Seeds on a Breeze.



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