Samstag, 23. Oktober 2010

A little bit of vintage II - lace wrist warmers

This were the small leftovers from the lace scarf of my last blog entry. They would be a little bit tight for my wrist but this is elastic lace so no problem with it ^^

I folded the little pieces in half, the right side on the right side (the nicer side which will be outside, don't know the correct english term. If somebody could tell me, please!). The ends I folded two times and fixed it with pins. After this I sewed a elastic stich with my sweing machine. This time I used my sewing machine (Yes, I can use it again! At least a little bit before it hurts too much ^^) because this seam will be under some pressure.

Nevertheless just one line to sew ^^ And finish!

Some other (and easy to sew) warmers from me:

Little blue ones with tentacles and my struggle for the correct english term: Click here.

And the warmers suitable for my scarf "Lisboa II": Click here.

(You will also notice how my abilities with my beloved digi cam evolved ^^)



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