Montag, 18. Oktober 2010

Cute little bones III - envelopes

And my third little project with cute little bones (and pictures from graphics fairy... I didn't search for pictures, I saw the pictures she put on her blog and had to do something with them! So that's why there are this three small and easy projects :) ).

This are all the envelopes I prepared to work with later... I just print the desired pictures out and fold them into envelopes. I use the space beside or under or above the picture for the adress label and the stamp.

You could just set a frame or a speech bubble next to this one...

This one could get the adress as the "species label". ^^

This skelett shows on the recipients adress... It would look cool just like this! Or a frame could be added...

Also smaller versions of a picture are nice. This one just says loud: Give me a speech bubble! ^^

One way to create backgrounds for labels, speech bubbles and / or frames is just paint with artistic water colours on paper. You can see that I am still in love with my shades of brown...

The three upper colours on the left side. Aren't they beautiful just standing alone?

I cut out some shapes freehand (no, they are not perfect ^^) and glued them on black cardboard and cut them out again so they get a little black frame around the corner. You could also just paint a black boarder with a laquer pen.

The little "nails" are dots made with a silver laquer pen.

And put together with a skeletal one...

And then use all the artistic water colours again... I used my three shades of brown and gold. The black paint is an old waterproof mascara ^^ The brush is perfect, nearly empty of paint and after drying resistant against water!

See the gold shimmer...?

Looks a little bit bloody... ^^ not intended but I like it!

Again the finished one :)


  1. Absolutely awesome, I just love your envelopes.

  2. agreed! and they are unique, that's what i like about them!

  3. Hi, Claire! I have loved all your cute little bones projects! This one is amazing, I love it when you add your painterly magic to the black and white graphics.

  4. Fabulous! Your envelopes are so wonderful!
    I'm going to be posting a fish skeleton on my blog, some time this week, that I think you will really like!

  5. Thanks you all!

    @Karen: Oh, I will love it! Already loving fish stuff and to have it combined with skeletal things would be great :)

  6. Graphics Fairy is fantastic, isn't she?
    I love what you did...Amazing!!

  7. I just love your Gift Card envelopes..that's what i want to design..thanks for sharing.



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