Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2012

Beading beads - earrings

Yes, this is new to me. Not completly true, then I was a kid we beaded little flower bracelets. The ones were you bead five small glas beads in a circle around a middle one. 

So beading in different directions and even three dimensional, that was really new to me! A friend showed me how to make these earrings (adapted from a pattern from beads and buttons).  I made already three different pairs for myself and this goes to my family (the earhooks are gold plated). 

I am still struggeling how to catch the real colours, shine and beauty of the beaded earrings. My photo skills have to be improved in the next time... 

Here on in the direct sunlight so you get an impression of the shine and shimmer of the glas beads!

The only negative things about the beaded earrings: The faceted glas beads with the high quality needed... are  expensive! So this earrings I will propably just create for family and friends (and myself! ^^)...

And I didn't wrote down the winner of my tiny giveaway for my tiny eyeball earring studs from last week. 

The winner is Mickymunchkin!

Even not anouncing you here in my blog: You alreday should got an email from me asking for your adress!

And because it is a short time before christmas and I am already preparing a lot of packages...

How about a little surprise for the others? :)

@Mich L in LA: I know, I know... I should habe your adress already but could you send it to me again?

@Crystelle: Could you send me your post adress as well?

Samstag, 27. Oktober 2012

Embrace your thumb prints!

Strange titel for a blog entry? I just wanted to show you why I learned to embrace the thumb prints I leave on polymer clay: The create another layer of structure! Look at the big eye and the silver colour: This is just a silver lacquer pen over the raw polymer clay. Together with the liquid polymer clay on top  and the shiny gloss it creates all the thin lines which makes the eyeball so cool! And created with just one colour over my thumb prints! ^^

In case you want to see how big they are: Here hext to my elefant earrings! 

The other eyeballs I made with image transfer on polymer clay :)

Now I just need another monster sewing project to use the eyeballs!

Donnerstag, 25. Oktober 2012

Buttons, buttons and buttons!

Buttons! More buttons! Made with polymer clay (Fimo classic) and image transfer or using my molds or stamps... Of course also a lot of acrylic paint and even more layers of shiny gloss (also the fimo one). 

Even if I don't find the time to write much... I realized that this is no excuse not to show you what I made over the last time. 

Here it goes! 

Buttons! :)

Mittwoch, 24. Oktober 2012

Flowers - how to use your jeans fabric scraps!

I had a lot of jeans scraps lying around. I made a big pillow out of old jeans (still not finished or rather stuffed ^^) and had a lot of fabric leftovers. 

Perfect to sew glas beads on top and stitch some knots around it with coloured thread! (this is crochet thread, the same I use for my crochet earrings, I just love the bright colours!)

The come in all colours and sizes...

...and even some other fabric leftovers sneaked in ^^ Really fast and easy to make! 

Dienstag, 23. Oktober 2012


More earrings, what do you expect from me? ^^ 

I am into this organic feeling the earrings have! With the dark green and the added metallic colour on top, as well as the structure itself...

Any idea what I used as mold / stamp?

An immature acorn! One of the really tiny ones! Just fall before me... and I had to take it with me! Pressed in a ball of clay it creates this stunning structure!

And some more eyeballs... made with image transfer :)

A strange combination next of each other...

Montag, 22. Oktober 2012

Blue elefants - earring

I just made some earrings with my elefant, this time in shades of blue and turquois. I have to say I really like how the turned out. I chose dark wire to go for the earhooks. 

I think I'll have to try to make them in a lot of colour variations! Really.. a lot! ^^

I made them with polymer clay (Fimo classic, I really prefer this kind of polymer clay over the softer variants!) and coloured with acrylic paint (lots of layers ^^), sanded and painted again... and a lot of shiny gloss. Really... to use more than four layers is the trick!

Samstag, 20. Oktober 2012

On my worktable and some tiny eyeballs just for you!

There is a lot which I am creating at the moment. But it takes time and I only find this time in between all the other important aspects of the normal life. This time is then dedicated and to create earrings from polymer clay will go over  time period of days and weeks.

Just little steps... molding, pressing, baking, painting, baking again, adding, painting, glossing, drilling....

But there is a need to create, just to make "stuff". I calm down, something inside of me relaxes... settles down? It is hard to describe it in words but more often than not there is too much going on inside my brain. Not bad things, all kind of thoughts, ideas, worries as well as the opposite... just too much. Bursting. Racing. Bubbling. (I always wanted to use this word! ^^) I would never change that in itself! But it drains energy. Reading, talking, watching some movies... that all is great but no help. In the back of my brain everything is still working. But creating stuff, to go from ideas over experimenting, to have all the sensations from the visual idea to the touch of the material, that brings it all in order.

In the end creating is a catalyst while calming at the same time. Ideas need room and time to develop. Even in the own mind.

I love to see how things turn out in the end. How my creating evolve. How many facettes of myself are inside my work.

And I can let it go. As long as it will be with someone who really wants to have it!

So for the long time with just some spare blog entries: Here some view from my workingspace! (if you wonder, I won't show you the rest of the table or the surroundings! No way! I see all the people showing pictures from their space, calling it a mess... and I think by myself: You don't know what a real mess looks like! ^^)

Also: I will have a little giveaway! 

You can get a pair of my tiny eyeball earring studs! It will be a very short giveaway because I want to sent it to you in time before halloween (you see, the giveaway is worldwide but I live in germany... and the mail is often not the fastest...).

How to enter?

  • Just leave a comment here (and be sure there is a way I can contact you!)
  • For a second chance: Become a follower (or already be one) and tell me in a separate, second comment.

Entries will be open until wednesday, 12 pm, CET.
(24th october)

Look at his blue eyes! How can you resist? ;)

Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2012

Have a look! - More of polymer clay eyeballs

A lot of eyes printed out with a laser printer! All of them are images from real eyeballs I just changed the saturation, contrast and also a little bit the colour itself so that they are brighter! 

I was asked to go more into details with my eyeballs as well as image transfer and yes... I nearly forgot but I took pictures from the process creating this eyeball jar (more pictures here):

I just little empty honey jars I had (or rather: my family had at home! I was there taking a look at the house while they were abroad. So the prize was: Some jars lost to their daughter ^^).

You see the difference between a normal (left) and a very high colour (right) saturation? The last one works better for image transfer because you always lose some colour due to the transfer process.

I cut the eyes in shape with a little border left. 

To see my other eyeball tutorial: have a look here. I just use a very similar technique: Making a ball from white polymer clay (fimo classic) and pressing it in form. 

Lay the eyeball image on top and press it carefully but firm onto the clay.

Use some water to wet the paper. Just give the water a minute to soak through the paper...

...you will start to see the image through the wet paper!

Now starts the process which will take some time to really get used to but there is no other way than trying it again and again. In the end you will be surprised how easy this is! You just have to get a feeling how to rub the paper fibers off without smearing the image in the clay.

The fibers start going off. I am working in circles from the center to the outside. But I know that friends use other techniques and they also work quite well.

...more and more...

In the middle it is now perfect. No more pressure needed. There are some paper fibers left and as soon as they are dried you will see them clearer and they will hide a little bit of your image. But there is no need to remove them all. As soon as you add shiny gloss it will look again like in the wet state! 

And really: Add at least 5 to six layers of shiny gloss / lacquer. It makes a great difference! (while being such an easy trick ^^)

That was it! :) Of course adaptable for all kind of image transfers!

PS: Yes, I have a lot more to show you... still... no quiet moment was avaiable... but I will take my time in the next days to prepare all the pictures and blog entries! :)

Montag, 8. Oktober 2012

All the grey...

Again: Formentera, spain, in august...

In the summer rain is really rare there but this year it was surprisingly humid for that time. It even rained two times in the two weeks I was there! Two times! In August! Nearly impossible...
But I love the stormy clouds and how the colours of the sea turned into a strange grey, like steel and sometimes a spark of silver.

Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2012

Inspirations: Birds of steel (Quedlingburg)

We had a kind of family meeting in north germany. Celebrating, talking, eating... from the last at least too much, from the other one I think it is impossible to have too much... But Rumpel may have another opinion: He is quite often astonished how many words are inside of me that have to come out! ^^

On the way back to Leipzig we made a stop in Quedlinburg. It is a small city, very beautiful and always worth a visit! While we had a very fast little walk around and through the city I saw this birds at a house. All the birds are at the same house just different sides.

Beautiful birds of steel! 


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