Donnerstag, 25. Oktober 2012

Buttons, buttons and buttons!

Buttons! More buttons! Made with polymer clay (Fimo classic) and image transfer or using my molds or stamps... Of course also a lot of acrylic paint and even more layers of shiny gloss (also the fimo one). 

Even if I don't find the time to write much... I realized that this is no excuse not to show you what I made over the last time. 

Here it goes! 

Buttons! :)


  1. ADORABLE. I love the button with the script on it! I'll have to try to make my own!

    xo Sam

    DIY Huntress

  2. Beauties! The bronze color is gorgeous and rich.

  3. Fantastic. You had me @ "buttons".

  4. Love the blue and the ones with script. So much attention to small details make these special.

  5. Están divinos!!!Los últimos 3 ( los peltre), están preciosos! Pero mi preferido,es el blanco , el que tiene estampado texto.DIVINO!!!! :)



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