Dienstag, 31. Juli 2018

Seed pods - Art Elements theme of the month challenge!

This month's theme challenge was "seed pods" at Art Elements. The theme was chosen by Jennifer and I couldn't have been happier about it. Like most people - I guess - I managed only a fraction of my ideas. A little bit was related to the extreme heat wave we have in the moment, but even more simply due to work. But what I manage better and better is to take up my regular sketching habit! So I will show you mainly what is inside my sketch book. :)

I enjoy using my "coffee time" to sketch a little bit. Often I am only using a pencil in the beginning and adding some water colour several days later. 

This is an ongoing process so a lot of the sketches you see may (or may not) get more layers of colour. 

But I really enjoy starting monochromatic. This also helps me to learn more about the behaviour of my water colours and the pigments in the different paints.

Seed pods are an inspiration for me not so much in their realistic shape but rather due to the interesting colours, shapes, textures... all together they give me wonderful ideas especially for abstract designs. There are several ideas I want to try out as acrylic painting or monoprint.

The line pattern with round ovals and smaller ones within a big one I either want to translate to a stencil or stamp.

My sketch book is also a reference book for myself where I can go to if I am stuck or just general need some ideas. 

You can see here on the right side some attempts in simplifying the shapes.

And yes, poppy seed pods were really some of my favorites!

What helps me to keep my habit of sketching on a more regular basis, is to use my travel kit inside my home. A travel kit is wonderful to take on the balcony, before my computer, or anywhere else. It my sound strange because I could have everything at hand being at home but a travel kit makes it even easier.

Sometime during sketching I realized: Seed pods are aliens!

Here I am playing again with more simplified shapes as well as bright colours.

I soooooo love the Horadam water colours from Schmincke! The paper in my sketch book is not the best for them and still, the colours! *sighs happily*

The last one was sketched during a wedding from friends of my husband. In between there was a lot of waiting time and we sat outside. Yes, I take my travel kit to weddings with me ;)

This small dots will become ear studs. They are made of polymer clay and I added white acrylic ink.

These seed pods I already showed at Art Elements - you can find the tutorial I wrote for them here.

And last but not least some ceramic pendants I made and hoped to include in some summer necklaces... but no... still on my to do list ;)

I had made some molds from clay and plants and I am always surprised how well bisque fired clay can hold even the tiniest details! 

I will still work on several of the sketches I have shown here and also go on with more ideas for seed pods. This is really my theme and I so enjoyed playing and experimenting with it!

Please have a look what everyone made for this theme challenge! :)

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Dienstag, 10. Juli 2018

Seed pod polymer clay beads - tutorial for Art Elements

All the time I forget to link to my blog posts over at Art Elements, but not this time! ;)

I wrote a tutorial for these polymer clay beads reminding me of seed pods. The inspiration was this months theme for our theme challenge at Art Elements.... yes... seed pods!

Just have a look here!


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