Samstag, 31. Dezember 2011

Favorites in line

From some scrapbooking paper... with some line of a glitter pen with nightglowing colour! Ha! Nothing light stuff which glows in the dark... and don't count me on my age, I work in the lab, I just have to love glowing and fluorescent stuff! 

The black line on the edge is not perfect, but makes the difference...

...and of course some 3D laquer. This time it was even a known brand and not the no-name stuff I mostly use. It was diamond glaze (no, I am not a fan... it has it advantages, but also a lot of downsides. Would be okay, if it wouldn't be soooo expensive).

And yes, still on my to-do list: Show how the different 3D glues / lacquers work and what are the best combinations to work with them (at least in my hand :)). 



Me = happy! :)

Freitag, 30. Dezember 2011

Blogger's Choice Fat Quarter Bundle

Blogger's Saraccino's Choice Fat Quarter Bundle!

The task was to choose three solids and twelve other fabrics... So the tentacle you see: No, sorry, it is not on the list. But I didn't want to have a blank spot and also... hey... seeing the tentacle you'll always know instantly which fabric combination is from me ;)

The task / challange was set up by Quokka Quilts with the support of the fat quarter shop (the ones you'll  go through in the search of fabrics and who'll send the winner his choice of fabric :)). 

I like the task because I took (stole!) the time for looking through all the fabrics and started thinking about new project and ideas and what kind of colours I would like to work with. I really like this turqoise - blue - colour combination with little hints of green or even violett... It looks fresh without being boring (and a tentacles, black on white, would pop out great! ^^). And this colours are missing in my flat! Although I love them :)

For the collage I saved the fabric pictures from the fat quarter shop and used the picasa tool for creating a collage (it's freeware and you just have to click on the choosen pictures and then on the create-collage-button).

Edit: ...maybe the names of the fabrics would be useful, nai? ^^

- No fabric but a tentacle! -

To be honest... I saved a lot more fabric images... and... ehm... in case you would not already have thought of it... yes, I am thinking about printing some images to make earrings out of them ;)

Donnerstag, 29. Dezember 2011

Colours and dots!

I hope you are still with me although the amount of paper earrings is rising and rising...! But I still just love them! This pair of earrings I made out of some scrapbooking paper, so it is a lot more sturdy than normal paper. Nearly like light card board. Perfect for earrings! Like free ad postcards ^^ )although they are even better! Really! Even if you are not making earrings but want to scrapbook, trust me, use free ad postcards!)

But the paper alone wasn't enough for me, there was something missing... and this something was not a single piece but a lot of dots! You never can go wrong with dots! ^^

Glueing the circles on recycled card board (you can use everything). Adding (you must be tired of reading / hearing this from me, bit it makes such a difference!) a black edge with an edding. 

And a layer of 3D glue (laquer, diamond glaze, something like this... my stash is empty now although I had some of different companies *sniff*)

Hidden pink!

More earrings using the hidden pink to be suitable for the pink advent calendar ^^ 

This time the dream of pink elefants! 

For the little elefants I made a mold out of air-drying clay. I used an old necklace from my grandmother which consists of a lot of elefant beads (yes, from the time ivory was still used). The beads are very typical in their shape because a friend of me has a very similar necklace (also from her grandmother, necklace seems to be as old as mine). 

The mold I used with fimo / polymer clay and after baking the little elefants were painted with golden / copper acrylic paint.

Oh, all the free postcards!

Another one which was cut by me into little pieces...! Or better into small circles...! Just layered with 3D glue / laquer... 

Oh, and I paint the borders in black because it is this little detail which makes the whole difference in the end! Which makes paper look less like paper ^^

Again: The hidden pink factor! All for the use by a pink advent calendar ;)

PS: "Moin, moin" is the north german variation of hello or hey :)

Mittwoch, 28. Dezember 2011

Sparkles - glitter - butterflies!

Acryl? Yes! But acryl which has a mirror-like surface! Like perfect tiny butterfly mirrors... and even better: They are so light and I could drill holes in them... it made them perfect for (you would never have guessed, mh? ^^) earrings!

Do you see me with my camera? I found them in a store for cheap stuff where they sold them as stickers (for scrapbooking or so). To remove the little glue dot on the back was quite enervating! 

So for the pink advent calendar (they went in the pink advent calendar as well as in Lachafas :) ) I glued a lot of sparkling pink glitter on the back! Another case of hidden pink?

Look how great their mirror-like effect is!

Dienstag, 27. Dezember 2011

Small and big!

This was an ad from a company for nucleic acids purification kits. I hope they'll forgive me for using their ad in this way ^^ 

Just paper glued on card board for stability... the edges were painted with a stamp ink pad... and then 3D glue and pink glitter was added! 

Of course part of the pink advent calendar! :)

Some little visitor at work!

While my brother was visiting me for a coffee break at work... he brought a little hidden passenger with him :)

More hand carved stamps!

More hand carved stamps! Some of them were in the advent calendar for my little (not so little anymore, she is a head higher than me! ^^) sister Lachafa. Others are just some leftovers of the rubber I used for carving... with which I played a little bit :)

Leaves were included.... of course!

And a tag! Everyone needs a tag stamp, nai?

I really like how the lines of the rubber get a more interesting texture to the stamped image (for this one I used  normal school erasers so therefor the surface is not perfect sometimes for printing, but I love the effect! :)).

You want your own tag stamp? Nothing is easier to carve than a tag stamp, really! Have a try! 

All you need is:
  • some eraser / rubber
  • a sharp knife / paper knife / scalpell / linoleum carving tool or just a tapestry cutter (just the sharp blade is important)

And here are the little stamps I made out of leftovers... we are talking of 1 cm stamps or smaller ^^

Not much is needed for a house shape...!

Squares create great pattern, especially if they are NOT perfect :)

What about more squares, triangles or other shapes?


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