Freitag, 30. Dezember 2011

Blogger's Choice Fat Quarter Bundle

Blogger's Saraccino's Choice Fat Quarter Bundle!

The task was to choose three solids and twelve other fabrics... So the tentacle you see: No, sorry, it is not on the list. But I didn't want to have a blank spot and also... hey... seeing the tentacle you'll always know instantly which fabric combination is from me ;)

The task / challange was set up by Quokka Quilts with the support of the fat quarter shop (the ones you'll  go through in the search of fabrics and who'll send the winner his choice of fabric :)). 

I like the task because I took (stole!) the time for looking through all the fabrics and started thinking about new project and ideas and what kind of colours I would like to work with. I really like this turqoise - blue - colour combination with little hints of green or even violett... It looks fresh without being boring (and a tentacles, black on white, would pop out great! ^^). And this colours are missing in my flat! Although I love them :)

For the collage I saved the fabric pictures from the fat quarter shop and used the picasa tool for creating a collage (it's freeware and you just have to click on the choosen pictures and then on the create-collage-button).

Edit: ...maybe the names of the fabrics would be useful, nai? ^^

- No fabric but a tentacle! -

To be honest... I saved a lot more fabric images... and... ehm... in case you would not already have thought of it... yes, I am thinking about printing some images to make earrings out of them ;)

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